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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Is it a good idea to create 2 products in 1 website or 2?


We have thought 2 nich products at the final stage but we are not sure whether it is better to promote the 2 seperate product in the same website or have them seperately? i.e. 2 websites

I would guess 2 seperate website would be better? Or promoting 2 different websites are too much work already?

Linda Buquet

If they are somewhat related you could have them on the same site with an overview of both on home page and then a link to a subdirectory for each product's info pages. Example Hunky HTML software + Cutesie CSS editor would go fine on the same site.

The reason it can be good to have separate sites is for search engines so you can have targeted domain name and homepage title tags for each.

If you plan to have these as major products and want the best long term strategy what many companies do is have a corporate site that has overviews of both then link to the targeted domain for each product.


I'd suggest just presenting one product, then the second once they've made the buying decision.

If it's a complimentary product, you could do a "since you bought prod a, would you like to take a look at product b?"
The moment they've put in their first dollar, their wallets are open and it's easier to get the second sale.

Alternatively, I like to create 2 variants of a product - a standard, and a premium.
If someone buys something at $59, I might offer them the premium version at $197 and present the upgraded features.
You could also do this with an annual membership, then an upsell to a lifetime membership at X times the original price.

I think more than the mechanics, you need to study the consumer's behavior and craft your marketing message accordingly.