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Inviting You To Try The 7 Days Risk Free Trial Period Of RJ

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by jerico, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. jerico

    jerico Affiliate affiliate

    Hello forum members! Good day to all of you! This is Jerico from Rank Jumpers
    Link Building Service Company and we're inviting you guys to please visit Rank
    Jumpers who just recently launched last December 12, 2011. As part of our
    grand opening, we're offering a 7 days (no risk) free trial period for everyone
    so that you can try this amazing link building system that will help bring your
    online business search engine rankings to the top.

    Please allow me to give a bit introduction about Rank Jumpers.

    Rank Jumpers was started by two ecommerce website owners that were in a search
    for high quality link advertising. For the past 10 years the need for quality
    link advertising has done nothing grown to be more important. While Social media,
    articles etc offer ways to capture traffic, they are difficult ways to dominate
    niches and get " sticky back links". It was also important that the blog post
    advertising links get click throughs as well as offer link juice. Many companies
    just offer links, links, links without quality and eventually Google will filter
    these out. Your Site will stay on a constant yo-yo - "up and down"!

    Rank Jumpers Setting The Standard:

    Sticky Back Links that tend to get more powerful over time
    Quality Control of Links & Sites
    Able To Add a lot Of Quality Links In A Short Period Of Time
    Not Serious Link Dilution that you get from Social Media and Article Sites
    Easy To Use Dashboard To Monitor and Order Projects & Posts
    Outsourcing To Save Time and Get Fast Results Without Having To Write (we write, you write or hire writers)
    But Also Have The Ability to Write Yourself or Hire Writers
    No Spun Content - Each Post Unique and Different
    Super Affordable (Low Monthly Fee - No Contracts)

    Founded in Atlanta, Ga - Rank Jumpers offer the very highest quality of link
    that is relevant, unique and not spun or copied. Each post must be unique.
    Each project and post is approved manually to make sure that there is no spamming.

    "We truly wanted to create a system where the blog post acted as a "calling card"
    for your business - a true advertisement that not only get's click throughs but
    also gets you back links to raise your search engine rankings for keywords that
    pertain to your website.


    • High Quality 1 Way Back Links
    • 100% Permanent Links (We will never take them down)
    • Time Released (natural) Post frequency with multiple options
    • Automation Options to schedule your posting
    • 100% Content Relative Blog Links
    • Different class C IP Address That Is Important For Optimal "LINK BANG"
    • Healthy Page Rank (From PR1 to PR5 With Some Up and Comers)
    & Each Post Has Different Unique Content
    • Old Domains - All of our blogs have Domain Age (No new site)

    Even more amazing features

    • In Content - No Footer or Sidebar Links That Don't Work Well
    • Keyword Rich Titles & Headers - The Secret!
    • You Pick How Fast Blog Posts Are Distributed - Drip Feed
    • 100% White Hat Link Building Through Permanent Advertising On Blogs


    • Easy Control With Our Unique Dashboard
    • No Adding Special Codes To Websites
    • 1 Minute To Sign Up – 8 Minutes To load Links Manually Or Bulk Upload
    • Outsource Post Writing To Us, Write Yourself, Or Hire Writers (login for writers – hire up to 5
    writers and allow them to login on our backend – simply approve the posts)
    • Article (blog) posts are sent out over our powerful network.
    • Different ips + different domains + unique content + key phrases in titles
    & header = POWERFUL LINKS
    • 1000’s of Untapped Blogs (move website search engine listings faster)

    Rank Jumpers doesn't only provide an amazing link building service but as well
    offer opportunities for publishers to make money by providing something good
    to their audience. SEO products and services is one of the most sought after
    products and service in the market and Rank Jumpers is beyond just any other link
    building service out there. This credit Rank Jumpers to really bring
    you a reliable source of income.


    • 35% Tier 1 Recurring Commission
    • 5% Tier 2 when you sign up other affiliates
    • Subscriptions are sold for $57.95 (1 to 5 sites) to $127.95. These are monthly
    subscriptions; therefore you will get monthly commissions based on the subscriptions.
    As long as the accounts are active you will get paid!
    • Payable every 2 weeks (1st and 15th of the month)
    • Affiliates are paid either through paypal or a check however they prefer.
    • Other benefits

    We sincerely invite you guys to take part in one of the best money making
    opportunities available! For those who are interested of becoming our
    partner, you can sign up for an affiliate account by following the link below:

    Affiliate Sign Up: Become A Rank Jumpers Affiliate

    Affiliate resources can be found on the affiliate sign-up page as well.

    Please contact me at [B][email protected][/B] for questions, partnership
    confirmation and other information regarding Rank Jumpers Link Building Service Company.
    Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to hear from you.

    Very Truly Yours,

    RankJumpers Team
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