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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by geektees520, May 13, 2014.

  1. geektees520

    geektees520 Affiliate affiliate


    I'm an unsuccessful internet marketer :p I would say newbie except I've been reading and trying off and on for a decade now. I've gotten more serious about it maybe 6 weeks ago. I've read hundreds, even thousands of pages at this point about various IE concepts. They say you have to focus on one thing until you are successful, but I'm finding it hard. For me, if something doesn't work, it just makes sense to move on. I eventually go back to it once the frustration wears off and have failed at other things (does anyone else have this problem?).
    Through it all, I have maintained a pinterest board on dogs that has almost 1600 followers. My attempts to monetize it have not been successful. My last attempt was with a cool design that was relatively simple that I was sure would work. It hasn't. I speculate my niche is far too broad, but that was intentional, as boards can be used to narrow your niche down. I guess I just haven't gotten there yet and a broad niche just isn't passionate enough.

    So...that's where I am in a nut shell.
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