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Hello, my name is Pete. I thought it would be appropriate to make my first post my introduction. I'll also take this opportunity to say hello. I'm from Costa Rica but I'm now up north, real up north, Minnesota!

I've been doing affiliate marketing for gambling programs but I'm now branching out to non-gambling affiliate marketing. This forum seem a great place to learn and network. See you around the forums! :)


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Welcome to 5 Star, Pete.

Do you plan to spend the winter in Minnesota? There is a real big difference between there and Costa Rica.

You are very correct about 5 Star being a good place to learn. There is a lot of information here, plus there are many very friendly people who are always willing to help others. Just ask questions whenever you have any.

Your 5 Star membership should be one that you will enjoy. We will do our very best to make you happy that you became a 5 Star member.


It is quite change, temp wise between Costa Rica and Minnesota! :eek:

I do spend most winter here. I go back to Costa Rica for a couple weeks in Dec-Jan. I also visit friends in warmer climates for quick weekend get-aways around mid Feb-March. Last winter I was in Costa Rica for about 12 days in December then I went to Arizona for PF Chang?s Rock ?n? Roll 1/2 Marathon in Jan and Tampa FL to visit a friend. That was enough to help me survive the MN winter!

I've been reading the posts and picking up some great stuff. I'll also contribute as I can.

Thanks for the welcome!


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Hi Pete,

Welcome to the Forum :)

I grew up just north of Minnesota (yes, even colder) and lived there for a short period of time, it's actually a great place!

Hope you learn a lot here, I'm sure you will.

Linda Buquet

Hi Pete,

Welcome to 5 Star. As a child I lived in Minn on a lake and loved it. Fished every day. Hope you like it here. Thanks for joining us.