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Instagram ad manager help


I running ads for my wife Instagram . im getting more likes then followers. What can i do to help get more followers and less likes ?
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Is it possible that many of the likes are largely from bots?
no it actually look like real people. i tested India. since i know India are good at getting a lot of traffic. i have about 14k in past hour. only had about 366 like on her photo. which i found really strange.

So I went to YouTube and youtuber actually had the same thing. he agree it not worth the money. so i decided to just go to people page that are in the same niche. and just start following them and if they follow back just unfollow them in the next few days.

that the only way i can see how most of this beautiful ladies IG can get followers daily if you don't believe. Go to IG find a random lady that had a lot of follower that is a diva etc. what ever you like. and look at their follower each hour or daily. they seem to have the same amount of followers for exammple the one i pick has 316k and every day i check it the same. im sure there a good amount that are bots that unfollow or drop out ( not sure how that works) and for the ones that i send a request some seem to stay. i know this will take awhile but i think it much easier then spending money just to get likes. if i get get 5 follower a daily that would be the only i can get my wife IG to grow

what are your thoughts?
Consider optimizing your ad content for engagement that promotes follows. Maybe use CTAs like "Follow for more updates" or "Stay tuned by following us."

Also, you can search through other similar pages that run ad campaigns and use the adspy tool. It will show you their advertising strategy, what they are doing, and how they are doing. I use this tool for Facebook to identify successful ad campaigns and use them for my clients.
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