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Innovative Trends in Restaurant Marketing


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Hi guys! I'm Ardee, Marketing Specialist for DooZone Pty. Ltd. We developed YeeScan with the aim of helping the service industry grow using QR code integration to our mobile app. We initially have restaurateurs in mind and created an innovative way of promoting their business through online menu viewing using YeeScan. The app also has full ordering capabilities whether they are walk-in customers or ordering take-aways.

The way the app works is a unique QR code for the shop will be provided to and all you have to do is post it anywhere online or inside/outside of your store. Free flyers will be generated as well and you can distribute them anywhere you want.

By using our platform, you can cut extra cost for web hosting, programming and social media management every time you need to update your menu; Have up-to-date menu and daily specials pushed to all customers without any additional cost; Use only one platform to update everything.

The back-end system is user-friendly and easy to setup and friendly DooZone staff are always ready to assist you.

Future features include customer surveys and digital loyalty card.

The menu viewing feature, combined with all the other features will provide you the ultimate marketing campaign for your business.
Hi, I never even knew about the innovative things you're talking about. I will definitely tell the administration of the restaurant füssen where I work, I am sure they will like your offer, and maybe we will write to you in a few days. I just work as a manager in a great restaurant where they cook great food. Still, recently there have been fewer customers, and we need to somehow popularize our place. Thank you very much for sharing this information. If anything, I will write to you in private messages.
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QR Codes never really gained that much momentum ...
Had manufacturers replaced bar codes with QR Codes the schema would have gained real momentum.
They are still in use --but not as a normal course of business.

This technology is 10 years in the public view and has had very limited use commercially.