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Im not going to lie im a noob in need of help


Im such a noob to making money online its not even funny. Ok So I have recently tried promoting affiliate links threw clickbank using google adwords and Only google adwords has broungt me profit 13 dollars and miva has made me no profit. Also let me throw this in Ive spent more money advertising then I have made. I think Ive done something rong. Can anybody help me out so I can make back this money and more.


Well, the first thing I'd recommend you not do is use any PPC advertising until you have a firm understanding of how the system works. I'd recommend anything by Perry Marshall, a leader in Google AdWords, and there are a number of other ebooks on using AdWords for profit. I personally have AdWords Miracle and AdWords Black Book (no longer available) -- both are quite useful, but they really aren't geared towards the absolute newbie.

I'd suggest starting out with an affiliate guide like Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook (PPC is covered) or Jeremy Palmer's Affiliate Marketing eBook. I own both and they are extremely newbie friendly, though SAH has a bit more info on working with PPC. Both are affordable and jam-packed with helpful information for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Another route you can try is article marketing. There is something that's all the rage right now called Bum Marketing (you'll need to sign up via e-mail for the course, but it's free). It explains how you should find long tail keywords, write articles for distribution using those keywords and add your affiliate links (or link to your website as some article sites don't allow affiliate links) in the signature. Interesting and easy read. I'm sure you can pluck a few ideas from it.

I hope that's enough to get the juices flowing. If there was something specific you were looking for help with, let us know and I'm sure someone may be able to help you.

~ Teli


I bought Super Affiliate Handbook some years ago when i first started out. It is OUTSTANDING for the newbie trying to learn his way. I recommend it to anyone wanting to make money selling other peoples products.