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I'm new to forums


Yep, it's true. This is my 2nd visit to a forum and it seems like it will be fun.
Okay, so here goes:

My name is Jan and I'm an internet marketer ( Wow, there I said it)
and editor of Lighten Up Ezine. It's all about Biz and Humor. I would
like to personally invite you all to come visit and subscribe. I offer
free ads, resources, tips, etc. and I publish every other week. Hope
to visit here more often.

Jan Emo
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Linda Buquet

Hey Jan,

Welcome to 5 Star. I think you may be the 1st forum virgin (well almost virgin) to sign up.
Thanks for admitting it! :D :p

Good luck with your ezine. It almost looks like a blog. Have you considered turning it into a blog or adding a blog too? May help you get more exposure.

We have a blogging forum below if you have questions or want to learn more.


Thanks Linda

I've been wanting to join forums, but always chickened out. Like the virgin part, too funny! It's been a long time since that word and myself could be associated in the same sentence. tee hee

I've got a question about this part, what is the difference between guided and enhanced mode? I'm looking at it as I'm typing. And how do you make the sig link show up clickable. I know, I know all these questions, now you know why I chickened out.

Linda Buquet

Hi Jan,

Mike is good at breaking girls in! That's why we let him hang out here! :p

You need to change the all the { to lower case brackets [

Then your sig should work.