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I'm new here and ready to BANK..are you?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by timethiaw, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Hello fellow marketers!

    I've known about IM for years now, but haven't really done a lot to actually start making money like I know I can. I have to admit I have been a creeper on Affiliate Fix for some time not but never really joined. I'm not quite sure why, I guess I was having fun being a creeper...but anywho. I want this year to be different..I want to actually take the bull by the horn and finally jump into what I have been researching for years now. I don't have a TON of money to get started, but I will have a decent amount to get my feet wet in about 2 weeks and hopefully optimize a profitable campaign along the way...if I don't at least I can say I tried...unlike a lot of people who just read and don't take action.

    I'm just tired of reading everyone's success stories and imagining myself in there shoes. It finally dawned on me that I can be in their shoes, heck, I can make my own shoes for someone else to want to be in (see what I did there hehe ).

    I'm starting this post to challenge myself and possibly others who want to, but hasn't taken any action towards their future yet. The time is now and I'm starting to realize there is sooo much money to be made. If the mods will entertain it, I would love to start a journey thread in a few weeks straight from a newbie and hopefully get others involved, once I get funds.

    Will you accept the challenge?..because I'm going all in :)

    Also, how long have you been a internet marketer?
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  2. newbidder

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