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Ice Ice Baby!


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Hey guys!

My name is Jennine Fowler and I'm the Affiliate Manager at Ice Water Traffic. My company has been in the online advertising industry for over 3 years and has developed a sterling reputation. Ice Water Traffic is about more than just having a vast amount of offers to choose from. We set ourselves apart by the quality, many of which are exclusive only to Ice Water Traffic. All of our offers have been tested inhouse to ensure that you get the quality and performance that you deserve ^_^

Now how's that for a little self promotion? hehe, ice ice baby!

Linda Buquet

Hi Jennine,

Welcome to 5 Star. I'm launching a new client today so barely had time to look at yor site - but I LOVE the name and the graphics. Hope to have time to check it out in more detail later and I hope our members take a look too!