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I will give 1,000 Youtube view for $3


[sales]I will give 1,000 Youtube view for $3
Example work FAQ Q: Is this service Real Views? A: No, Mixed Views no bots there are also human Q: Views from? A: From the Mobile Device: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, France, Canada and others Q: Approximately how many days to increase 1000 views - 50,000 views? A: It takes time 48-100 Hours Depending on the number of order Q: Is there any effect Increase Rank in Search Engine Youtube or Google if you use this service? A: There may be and it may not, depending on how the way you use Title, Description, Keywords Q: If Video Suspended How? A: Video is usually suspended for violating Taking Video Youtube Trademark or property of others, perhaps because of competition jg who reported the video. 100% Money Back if your Video suspended due to our

by: bamstk090
Created: 21-10-2012
Category: Video
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