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I need help with my Affiliate program


New Member
Hi every one

I am a merchant which I just lunched my affiliate program which my

webmaster design. My question would be how can I attract affiliate to join

my program. It seems to be very hard to get affiliate. I would be thank full

if any one can lead me to right direction

Our business is in legal documentation preparation

Thank you

Linda Buquet

Well starting a program and attracting good affiliates can be hard.
Starting this time of year with your type of products, when most affiliates
are totally consumed with promoting retail type products for the Holidays, probably makes it even tougher.

"legal documentation preparation" I would think requires affiliates with somewhat targeted sites. It's not like selling shoes which every consumers needs. So I think you'd need to do a LOT of affiliate recruiting to the general affiliate market to get a handful of affiliates that may be a good fit for your particular product.

So I would think the key would be to go after affiliates that are already in complimentary affiliate programs. Affiliates that already have legal related sites for instance. Have you tried that?


New Member
you are absolutely right

You are absolutely right

I am in a specific market that is hard to find affiliates , probably that is why I am so frustrated booooo.

I do have even hard time to recruiting affiliate, were would you recommend to find affiliate

Linda I did not understand the last section complimentary affiliate programs, if you asking me about related website then yes I did try little but no respond at all. 

Dave Wenty

gotta look around

I agree with Linda, I think that the option for such a new affiliate program is to search the web. You have to look around and see who is selling documentation and complimentary product to yours. Just take some time and do investigations on potential affiliates. Contact them and contact them again and get them sign up (but not in a bad way, just reminders).
That seemed to work for me when I grew my program. ;)


New Member
Thank you

Thank you of the post, it seems to be very difficult to get affiliate, you guys have any suggestion were to find quality any specific website I can look into

Thanks again


1. If you haven't yet, create a resource center with creatives, landing pages, banners, templates articles, ppc proven campaigns, etc.

2. Sign up to at least 10 affiliate webmaster boards, I won't mention any here, just google them, take a look at 40 or so, and choose the top 10.

3. Research relevant sites/portals and try to get them to utilize their adspace with your program.

4. Announce your affiliate program in paid listings (again either in premium paid forums, ppc ads, etc.).

5. Review your offering and make sure your product/service is something that can indeed be promoted via affiliates. In fact, make sure your product/service can be sold on your own online first (is your servicing done instantly or do customers have to wait/connect with you etc.). If you've proven and converted sales on your own first, then chances are you have a winner, and can start recruiting easier as you'll know you market better, who your competitors are etc.

6. Did you build the affiliate program in-house? If so that may also be a problem, many really dislike independant programs due to... trust to be short. If you put your product/service within a top rated network you will be able to attract plenty of affiliates by utilizing common pools/resources found easily with aff's itching to monetize cool new 'stuff'. With a service as specialized as yours, it may either be a VERY hard sell, OR it may be the new hook and you'll fill a gap in the market that is not being hit well.

Hope this helps you a bit.


I feel your pain, I am having a huge problem finding affiliates for my network. Unfortunately I haven't found any good way of finding affiliates yet but I will let you know if I do.