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I Bought a Gazelle



New Member
Way to go Linda :)

I've heard a lot about the Gazelle, can't wait to hear your thoughts! As the weather starts to get pretty chilly here in Montreal, I'm thinking of buying something similar so I don't have to venture outside to go to the gym on those REALLY cold mornings.

Linda Buquet

I should have used an Amazon aff link Julia and you could buy from me! :p

So far I LOVE it. For me (who sits on butt all day and NEVER excercises) to actually WANT to do this twice a day is miraculous. I even stopped in the middle of the work day cuz I was dying to go for a glide! Hope the urge sticks!

I'm having knee problems and thats one of the reasons I knew I needed to start exercising. This doesn't do much for knees because your legs are pretty much straight.

SO I invented a new exercise. After I glide and do my full body work-out I BIKE with it. I sit in a chair and just work the foot pads forward and backward. It's just like the motion of riding a bike but without much tension or resistance. So gets the knees moving without much joint stress.

This week I'm also buying an Urban Rebounder:

So I can rotate between gliding and running on the trampoline. That will give my knees more of a workout. Wow I'm turning into a fitness addict! Too bad I had to wait until I was falling apart to start working out. :eek:

But seriously for those of us that sit and work all day, especially 12/7 like I do, it's important to have a fitness regimen.

Lynn Quario

New Member
Alright Linda!

Let us know if you continue to stay motivated using it. I also need to lose the 30 pounds I gained in the last year because of sitting on my butt in front of the computer all day... :eek:

I even bought one of those software programs that was offered on Clickbank that reminds you to exersize every 30 min. it even does the routines with music right on the desktop. I always close it out without doing the

The music is very boring not very motivational... :rolleyes:

Looking forward to your feedback


Linda Buquet

Hi Grimmaze,

Well I'm starting to feel a little more limber and energetic. Have only lost a couple pounds because I had not changed my diet until just the past couple days.

I'm on a new health kick now though so watch out! :p
Even started growing my own sprouts. Powerhouse nutrition!