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I am looking for webmasters


I am very new to the industry and am looking for ways to find useful webmasters that will partner with me. If I have the terminology wrong I am sorry. I say a post that was similar but did not find a response to the post. I am confused as to what the difference between a webmaster and an affiliate is to be honest.
From my understanding a webmaster is someone who runs a site so therefore can add banner, worlinks and such to generate traffic to another site.
An affiliate is a company that wishes to add traffic to some of there sites (possibly pay sites such as poker sites) and will pay percentages if the banner on the webmasters site is clicked then signed up.
Am I right?
Thanks alot

Linda Buquet

Hi Localceleb,

Welcome to 5 Star.

No - Affiliate and webmaster are typically the same.
Affiliates add banners to their sites to sell or advertise other people's stuff.

The company that has their own affiliate program is typically called the merchant.
The merchant is the one that wants to pay affiliates to put banners on their site.

So it looks like you are a "merchant" looking for affiliates?
If so and if your affiliate program qualifies and you post
following the rules you can post an ad about your affiliate program
down in the <a href="">Merchants Promote Your Affiliate Program</a> section.

Although I suspect if you don't know the difference between a webmaster, affiliate and merchant
then I strongly suspect your program may not be not ready to start recruiting affiliates yet.

Linda Buquet

Sorry meant to add, you may want to read up and ask some more questions about affiliate marketing before you try to advertise your program.
We're here to help.


I think the industry needs a site with standard terminology.

I am trying to teach an offline friend about afffilaite marketing and the lack of standardised terminology really confuses him.

Affiliate, Merchant and Affiliate Network seem to be used interchangably by many articles and it is annoying.

Linda Buquet

Yep I agree.

Yep affiliates often ask on forums "what affiliate do you use" they mean merchant (or affiliate program.)
Also people ask whats the best "affiliate management company", they really mean whats the best network.
They think the 2 are the same but they are not.

Just Googled and found the one Ros Garner has. Pretty comprehensive.
Glossary of Internet and Affiliate Marketing Terms