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How to Use LinkedIn for SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by stupidcamel, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. stupidcamel

    stupidcamel Affiliate affiliate

    If you have been the owner of a website or a blog for any length of time, you’re probably striving continuously to improve the SEO (search engine optimization , find more SEO Tips ) of your website. Let’s face it; the more effort you put into SEO, the better your ranking will be on the various search engines, which in turn means your website will enjoy more traffic as a result.

    Of course, even though you more than likely already use several social networking sites, you may not yet be sure of how much those sites can help improve your rankings. One of the best sites to take advantage of is LinkedIn. The main reason for this is that the site already enjoys phenomenal rankings due to the profiles which are hosted on it.

    In the event that you already have a LinkedIn account then you can already begin improving your website’s SEO with your LinkedIn account. In fact, let’s take a look at a few simple ways for using LinkedIn in order to improve the SEO of your website or blog:

    Step 1 – Make Use of Anchor Text and Links

    Even though this is incredibly simple, it’s of the utmost importance, if you want to increase the SEO of your site. You need to use anchor text in order to link to your website from your LinkedIn profile. When you create links to your various websites, it results in potentially profitable backlinks, and this is why it’s important to use anchor text which makes use of specific keywords which are relevant to your website.

    You need to bear in mind that major search engines such as Google will quite literally scrutinize anchor text when they rank websites. This of course means that if you had web site specific key words to your anchor text, your SEO will be vastly improved. In other words you need to avoid using names like “My Website” or George’s Blog, but instead, you should try to be a little bit more creative.

    Step 2 – Focus on Keywords When you Compose Your Profile

    When you sit down to type up your LinkedIn profile, it’s imperative that you focus on using the most relevant keywords. During the process you’ll be required to include a headline, personal interests, summary, and also job descriptions and etc. Without over doing it, try to keep your profile rich with relevant keywords relating to your specific website or blog.

    Step 3 – Adding Connections

    The importance of using LinkedIn for adding connections simply cannot be stressed enough, particularly if your goal is to improve the SEO of your website. In doing this, you’ll effectively be making your website more visible, bearing in mind that the more connections you have, the more visible your site will be to people out there in cyberspace. Over and above increasing your website’s visibility on the LinkedIn site, you’ll also be increasing the overall visibility of your own website or blog on the internet.

    Step 4 – Customizing Your URL

    Lastly but not least, you need to customize the URL which you have on the LinkedIn site, bearing in mind that LinkedIn members have an opportunity to customize their profile URL, rather than making do with the default one. In fact, you can even choose to change the URL to your own name, the name of your company, or even the name of your website. You can rest assured that if you do this it will result in your profile becoming far more visible, and this in turn goes a long way towards improving the SEO of your website.
  2. terraleads
  3. SEORecruiter

    SEORecruiter Affiliate affiliate

    This is an excellent overview on the benefits of Linkedin. I think there is the opportunity to add three web pages to your profile and as the article says make sure you change the anchor text.

    From a recruiter perspective Linkedin is an invaluable tool which is dramatically changing the recruitment marketplace.
  4. paddy12

    paddy12 Affiliate affiliate

    ^Good one.Been using Linkedin for quite a while now but I haven't explore the possibilities of putting anchor text for my blog.Thanks would do this now.
  5. bobkendall2008

    bobkendall2008 Affiliate affiliate

    I have theory about this before and now it confirm that linkedin is useful in SEO.
  6. bryansmith

    bryansmith Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent overview of linkedin.I have been using linkedin from long time but need to explore to these things.
  7. SWinchester

    SWinchester Affiliate affiliate

    I think the best tip here is about customizing your URL within the profile pages - that can bring the biggest advantages of all.
  8. justinmarch

    justinmarch Affiliate affiliate

    I have seen respected SEO's not do this on Linkedin (and leave ast the My Site default) crazy in my view.
  9. toporganicseo

    toporganicseo Affiliate affiliate

    I am fully convinced with stupidcamel because I think he provides good information.

    Best Regards

  10. daisyashe

    daisyashe Affiliate affiliate

    great tips guy.
    I have created profil in linkdin but stuck.
    your tips will definitely help me.
  11. karmadir

    karmadir Affiliate affiliate

    Participate in discussion

    You can also participate in forum discussion in LinkedIn and add your site URL in the end. It can bring traffic to your website.

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