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How to stay under the radar with Facebook

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by ironbull, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. ironbull

    ironbull Affiliate affiliate


    I would like to know more about how Facebook is tracking Advertising Accounts.

    I know people who are handling about 10 Faceboook Ads account at the same time not getting banned.

    From what I research this is what you need in order to operate with different Facebook Ads account:

    - Different VCCs (some banks work, some don't) or different verified PayPal accounts (the first one is easier to get)

    - Different IPs (making sure you always use an IP from the same country and never user the same IP with two Facebook accounts, HMA works fine)

    - Verification by ID/Passport or Telephone (accounts work best if verified by one of these methods, Photoshop is your friend)

    - Delete all cookies, cache and browser history (or use Incognito)

    So these are my questions...

    - Are they tracking something else? MAC Address maybe?
    - Are they tracking domains which where used with banned accounts?
    - Is there a way to get invoices (with real data) from different accounts without compromising yourself?

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  2. newbidder
  3. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    Honestly, aside from the usual basics (the ones you already mentioned) nobody is going to speak publicly about this bro.
    FB has a team that reads forums and groups, even if they are paid forums, just to search the loopholes and close them.
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  4. x3m

    x3m Affiliate affiliate

    Hello @ironbull,
    Can you tell me in PM which VCCs are working right now on facebook, please?
  5. ironbull

    ironbull Affiliate affiliate

    You need to try. I know a few companies/banks proving good VCCs here in Spain, but I don't know where you are from.

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