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How to start your first 7Search campaign

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    How to start your first 7Search campaign

    In this guide I will walk you through how to setup and start your first campaign on 7Search PPC.


    7Search is a search PPC platform that is extremely newbie friendly. If you're new to PPC or paid traffic then I strongly advise starting with 7Search. It's were I started and were I still to this day advertise. Follow the video and guide below to get started.


    Step One

    Sign up to 7Search and claim your free $50, or sign up normally and get your account ready with some credit deposited.

    Step Two

    Click on the Campaign tab on the dashboard and then click the "Create a Campaign" button.


    Step Three

    Fill out the Name, Title, Description, URL and Category and make sure you select only the countries your offer converts in.


    Step Four

    Add your keywords based on your offer by searching on the suggestion tool.


    Step Five

    Adjust your bids, I usually just go with the smart bid to ensure a top 3 placement. You'll need to wait for some traffic to come in in order to see where you're ranking tho, then adjust further.


    Step Six

    Start a follow along and let us help you out.
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  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    BTW after Christmas I will be launching a full step by step program all about 7Search and you'll be the first to get it.
  4. boussakka

    boussakka The Black&White NINJA affiliate

    Thanks K for this, looking forward to seeing the walkthroughs.
  5. naidyphoon

    naidyphoon Affiliate affiliate

    thanks K great guide as always. May I know how to set all the bids of my keywords to the suggested bids? I have like 150 keywords do I have to manually enter my bids?
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Check the "Make Top" option on the keyword dashboard.
  7. madvm22

    madvm22 Affiliate affiliate

    hello k

    firstly i know i have been here for a while but never went through the introduction part! sorry about that and apologies for the my first post being a question!

    secondly, great video, i too couldnt agree with you more, 7search is the ideal place for beginner ppc marketers to start (started yesterday trying to setup a bing campaign and its been a nightmare - only because i am not familiar with it yet so its normal i suppose!)

    in my first month with 7search and peerfly managed to earn 98$ - October 2013- not bragging here folks - think of it as motivational, if i can do it - any newbies here can do it too - and to be honest its nothing to brag about! :)

    My query is (if its on been mentioned before, kindly direct please and i apologise right now) you mentioned your "angle" you mentioned i would look for the angle and aim my headline and copy at that particular group. This is my problem, i cannot find my "angle" or "group"

    Do you have any tips how i would go about learning about this please? i have tried to look into consumer psychology, consumer behaviour and neuroscience consumer psychology but these are mainly for big companies with brands and the importance of brand recognition which really isnt my area yet. Unless i am really dumb - which is also a possibility :) - i cannot get it through my head!!

    Am i missing something in the above which would have already answered my question? Any advice from anyone is greatly welcomed

    And whilst i am here, hello to you all, great place we have here isnt it?

    Thank you and i look forward to what your Angle on this is

    take care all
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  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Answers above - hope they help!
  9. madvm22

    madvm22 Affiliate affiliate

    hello k

    thank you for your reply

    to be honest i feel a little more stupid than before and i will explain why

    i would never think to associate facebook to a dating offer, to start i dont use facebook and this may be the reason why, but i would never think the two could be related in that way.

    The car insurance example was fantastic and i can relate to that.

    Now my issue. How did you associate cheap car insurance with young people? How can we as marketers reach a conclusion that only young drivers require cheap insurance as opposed to the more money tight or saver type individual?


    The above was what i started to write before thinking about it a little further until i reached the conclusion that this is what i think you were trying to explain to me.

    So would i be right in thinking that my two examples above are angles in their own right? (that sounded really stupid but i am trying here!)

    looks like my problem is market research to be honest. If i correctly did my market research these angles would jump out at me i think. Am i on the right track? any recommended reading on market research?

    I think the key message and one word that we hear most in ppc is that testing your idea is the only way to Really see if your angle is correct or not? but in my mind, you have to have a common ground between the audience, angle and offer because not all angles work with the same offer in the same group of people or audiences

    Sorry about this and for most, you probably made yourself very clear but now i feel that i was looking for the unknown or in a more simplier way of expressing this, i was looking for what others have tried and tested and reached the conclusion of what works and what doesnt.

    what do you think?

    thank you again K
  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Testing is everything.

    Young people tend to not have money therefore would search for cheap car insurance.

    Most of it is common knowledge with some demographic research on an angle.

    Keep it simple and don't overthink it.
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  11. madvm22

    madvm22 Affiliate affiliate


    i hear you load and clear. always been my problem - overthinking!

    thank you K
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  12. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    As you may or may not already know, I am only running display with 7Search. In that area of the site, there is no Tools or Make Top button(s). At least, I haven't found any. I'm okay with that, I guess but I'm a little bit confused about how the bid affects the weight of an ad. If you're in the number 1 position but still get almost no impressions, what's that about? Is the only way to increase exposure in that instance, is to raise the bid, even though you are already in the top spot?

    Just occurred to me that maybe I am not understanding the keyword rank system.

    Sorry if these questions don't fit here, I'm sort of assuming that the text/search ads work similarly but maybe they don't.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  13. frostt

    frostt Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, Is this guide launched? I didn't see it on the forum.
  14. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    No sorry not yet, its on my list of to do's!
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  15. jkillion

    jkillion Affiliate affiliate

    Hi K. I am going through you step-by-step 7search tutorial. I also submitted to PeerFly as an advertiser. In the meantime I was reading the posts on Basic Affiliate Marketing. There is a link to your landing page business in there that I think is incorrect. The link is landingpageguy instead of landingpageguys. I am interested in using your landing page business to help me in my first 7search campaign. Thank you.
  16. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Hey JK, sorry where is the link? and yes its LandingPageGuys.com

    Reach out to me.
  17. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate

    thank u K ;) this is awesome .. and i already had some successful campaign there ;)
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  18. Vuong

    Vuong Affiliate affiliate

    Hi K, this is excellent guide.

    To your experience, what offers normally converts well with 7search?
  19. danozafar

    danozafar Affiliate affiliate

    Isn’t it a good idea to show some proven successful campaigns here in 7search

    It wil be then profitable for newbies. It can eveb be modeled (not copied)

    If the offer doesn’t have daily caps, what’s wrong with 20 people promoting the same offer in a same strategy?

    Just kidding!

    Thank you for the post
  20. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    We are currently working on something VERY exciting for 7Search coming out next year.
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  21. nsilvacr2013

    nsilvacr2013 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi K, I am curious, can you share a little bit with us on what are you working on for 7search ? :)
    As Vuong asked, I also would like to know what offers normally converts well with 7search?

    Best Regards.

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