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How To Setup The Ultimate Website



I'm Going to tell you how to set up the ultimate Website:

1) Create A Good Quality, And High Converting Website. The Blueprint Of The site Should Be Like This:

Opt In Page --> Sales Page --> OTO --> Tell-A-Friend Script --> Members Area


2) Test The Site By Sending Targeted Traffic To It Via Adwords And See How Well It Converts. Split test Different Versions Of Your Site Until You Get A Good Converting website.


3) Now That You Have A Good converting website And Some Subcribers Or Buyers, Ask Your Buyers Or Subscribers For Their Testimonial And Put It On Your Site


4) Now You Have Your Complete Site Setup:

People Optin --> they Buy --> They Buy The Oto --> They Tell Their Friends --> They Access The Members area.

The Tell A Friend Script Will Increase Your Traffic Dramtically And Viraly While You Get More Signups and sales:)


5) Now All You Have To Do Is Drive Traffic To Your Site, Here's Some Good ways to do this:

- Viral e-books
- JV's
- Bloging
- Affiliate Program Via Clickbank
- Squidoo Lenses
- Write And Submit Articles
- Write And Submit Press-Releases
- Get The Word Out About Your Product

There's Many More Ways

6) Now You Start Receiving Your Cheques :cool:

I Hope This Helps, Feel Free To Add Your Own Ways

Jameel Mukadam


I disagree... with your take on how to create the Ultimate website...

1# works fine the Internet Marketing "niche" but not if you are selling consumables.... all you do with this strategy is chase visitors away... there by defeating your goals...

I sell (market) in B2B and B2C in B2C you need to make it as easy as possible ...

take this example from last night... I received an email asking about an ebook I sell on ebay... the potential customer thought from reading my ad copy I was selling a CD and wanted to know how much to ship to them...

I went into an explanation about it being an ebook and that I delivered instantly...

well a few minutes later i got another email... you guessed it... what is an eBook?

point here is dont throw up barriers that defeat your ultimate goal which is getting the sale...

it turned out that this person was brand spanking new (first time online) to the interent... I was their first purchase online...

imagine what would have happened if I took him through a maze of obstacles before the sale...

ask anyone online what affiliate marketing is and you'll get different answers from each person you ask..


Linda Buquet

Hey Joe!

Welcome back. Good to see you posting again and
thanks for weighing in with "your 2 cents" :p

I agree with Joe. The original post is the blueprint lots of IM and ebook sellers go by.
Traditional retail affiliate sites would never follow that method.


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Joe (my2cents), I agree with Linda. It is good to see you posting again.

I know you from another community where you often make good contributions.

You have made many good posts here at 5 Star. Hope to see you around here more often.


New Member
I also disagree.

Creating an "ultimate website" is not just a formula. Everything is different for each type of site.

Price comparison sites do not have checkouts or anything. They click on the pictures or words for the cookie to be attached or however the webmaster has designed it. A coupon site also has no check out. Their goal is to get the person to click on the link with the coupn or coupon code and then go to the merchant for the purchase.

A few things to think about though in creating an effective website are:

1. Make sure you do not stray from your niche. This is true whether you are in B2B or B2C, an Affiliate site, Blog or a Forum. When topics start to stray, you have let your traffic stray and the products you are pushing will no longer be as direct to the traffic. Stay focused on the purpose of the site.

2. Depending on the types of site you are doing, design to meet the goals of the site. In affiliate marketing for example. The goal of the affiliate is to drive the traffic to the merchant to close the site. The affiliate's site can either be set up to look professional or amateur. They both have positives and negatives.

If the affiliate site looks very amatuer, but has alot of content and really believeable reviews, it makes the reader feel more at home and trusting because they will have somewhat of a feeling like they are talking to a buddy about the product.

If the affiliate site looks proffessional, then the visitor will have a sense of security in that it is a real company and not the average person running a scam.

There are more benefits and downfalls to both, but to save space I will stop here.

On the other side, the Merchant's site has to be trustworthy and have the person feeling secure enough to put their personal information out on the web and make a purchase. This is helped by the referrals from the affiliate sites and by the name you have made yourself.

3. As far as driving the traffic. Sending articles to the different sites you mentioned is great, but for an "ultimate site" you are going to have to have some things on and about the site that is going to act as link bait and get people to link to you naturally.

I could go on and on but I have to get back to work. You have one formula which works in one situation, but it is not an ultimate forumla as different sites and different markets and niches all have different ways to get to the ultimate site level.

I don't think there is a true ultimate site forumla out there, but if there is, that person is making 10's of millions easy!

Sorry about the poor writing, spelling and Grammar I was in kind of a hurry. =0)


Hi Everyone

Thanks For The Helpful Posts You'll gave. I Will Try To Post Better Tips. Are My Other Topics Good Tips? I'd Like To Hear From You'll

Thanks Again
Jameel Mukadam

Linda Buquet


"Thanks For The Helpful Posts You'll gave. I Will Try To Post Better Tips. Are My Other Topics Good Tips?"

Your tips were OK but just more for one type of sale. IMHO sort of the high pressure ebook type sales which is one way people do things in that niche.
So like I said "Traditional retail affiliate sites would never follow that method."

I just hate to have it say "How To Setup The Ultimate Website" when it's not and when this is no BEST way. There are all different types of sites, sales processes and it never hurts to share what you think works, just don't make it sound like the only way because that style of selling does not work for some people.