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How to Setup CPVLab on an Unmanaged VPS ($10 per Month)

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Freddy63, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    It's been two years since my last tutorial on AffiliateFix. I'm planing to be more active on this forum. Specifically on this section. So let's see how to setup setup CPVLab on an unmanaged VPS. This tutorial is for newbies. 90% of you might not have experience with Command Line Interface (CLI) or VPS for that matter. But don't worry. It's easy, you'll get used to it.

    This tutorial will give you a super-fast tracking server with CPVLab. Unlike my Prosper202 setup tutorial, this one has Virtualmin control panel as well. So you'll get a nice interface to manager your server. So let's begin,

    I've posted initial server setup on my blog. So there's no point copying it here. Start your process by following Server Setup with Nginx and Virtualmin. Then come back here.

    If you're new to Virtualmin, play around a bit and get use to it. Next you'll need to install ionCube Loader on your server. I've covered it on ionCube Loaders on Virtualmin-Nginx. You'll need to follow that tutorial as well. CPVLab won't work without ionCube Loaders.

    Now your server is ready for CPVLab. Let's begin by extracting CPVLab zip file you download to a local folder. Among the extracted files, there's folder called cpv_lab_install_files. You must upload content of this folder to public folder of your server. You need a FTP Client to to that. I use FileZilla. Install it on your PC if you don't have it already. FileZilla will ask you for following details,

    • Host – Domain name you used on ionCube tutorial
    • Username – Your administrative username (Created on ionCube tutorial)
    • Password – Your administrative password (Created on ionCube tutorial)
    • Port – 21
    Fill in the details and click quickconnect. You'll be connected to the home directory of the user. Double click public_html and you'll be taken to the public directory of your server. Now navigate to cpv_lab_install_files folder on your local PC from left side window of FileZilla. Once there, highlight all, right click and then click upload to upload everything to the server.

    Once the upload is completed, connect to your server with putty as root and run following commands one by one,
    chmod -R 777 /home/AdminUserName/public_html/logger
    chmod 666 /home/AdminUserName/public_html/lib/db_params.php
    chmod 666 /home/AdminUserName/public_html/license/license.php
    You should change AdminUserName with your administrative username. Now point your browser to following URL,
    You'll see a page asking for following details,
    • Database server - localhost
    • Database login - Administrative username
    • Database password - *See below
    • Database name - Administrative username
    • Install directory - leave it blank
    • Email address used for purchase - self explanatory
    * You can find your MySQL password on Virtualmin. This is not your MySQL root password. Login to Virtualmin and click edit databases from the left sidebar. It's display your database name on a table. Switch to Passwords tab. You'll see your encrypted password there. Click Show and you'll see encrypted password on a new window.

    Once you fill all the information, click install. CPVLab will be installed and you'll be taken to the login page. Now you need to revert file permissions and delete install page from the server. Following commands will take care of it. Run them one by one as root,
    rm /home/test1/public_html/install.php
    chmod 644 /home/AdminUserName/public_html/lib/db_params.php
    chmod 644 /home/AdminUserName/public_html/license/license.php
    Installation is now completed. You can now access CPVLab on your domain.
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