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How to run sweepstakes ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Idvert, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Idvert

    Idvert Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    I have headed somebody looking to do sweepstakes offers these days, and there are emerging affiliates coming to us asking for tips about it.

    Well,feed up with asking duplicated replying,i just finished this artical to you guys,hope this will work for all bestwebber!

    Sweepstakes is a kind of products with least risk,there is no quality about it,easy to convert,good payout,and most of all,there are many potential users to it!

    To start with it, you need to look at these tips,all the tips

    first of all, Pro-Tip!

    Its important to note that the major English countries are alot more strict on how and what you can run (UK,CA,AU,US) so its always a good idea to have your lander pre-approved so there is no nasty surprises of no payments, but there is serious volume in places like malaysia, singapore, thailand etc which are all VERY lax on what you can run

    Enough dawg, give us dem tippies.

    Tip 1. Always use a LP

    Call out geo location, carrier and handset, CTR then will be boosting!
    Make use of intro and exit pops, can save you thousands of escaping clicks when running volume.

    Tip 2. Theme your lander!

    Giveaway, Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Sports, Valentines etc you name it, theme it!
    You might them it to being an Android or an OS giveaway, the more real it seems the better. Let them know who and why is running the giveaway. Credibility = MONEY

    Tip 3. Show multiple tired prizes

    On your lander show multiple prizes, but only let 1 or 2 be clickable, so it looks like the other prizes have all been taken. Once again, add the credibility to the user, not everyone is as dumb as the 999,999 visitor anymore haha XD

    Show an iphone offer and an ipad offer, but maybe let the iMac be unenlightened saying its completely taken or unavailable.

    Tip 4. Testimonials

    These thing really worked!such as "Susie got an ipad, shes ****ing stoked. Tom got an iphone, he can now watch porn without his mummy knowing. Claire got an iphone, she can now take topless selfies. You name it, the more real the better, its a recurring them in this post, use it!

    The more someone thinks they have "earned" the giveaway, the better! EPC ^

    Tip 5. Create a Game or Survey

    These are ridiculous to adding money to the bottom line. Ask them 1-3 questions, don't make it stupid easy but in the end make it so everyone wins anyway ! YAY!

    I would show you some landers, but hey I'm here to motivate you guys and not make you lazy + these landers have been beaten to death so its wrong to show a dead campaign Try different colour schemes, you'll be surprised as to what works different on different models.
  2. newbidder
  3. brandon Lee223

    brandon Lee223 Affiliate affiliate

    Good tips, I'm wondering what kinds of traffic is good for sweepstakes?

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