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how to remove a trojan virus from your website.?

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by rony fernandis, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. rony fernandis

    rony fernandis Affiliate affiliate

    i have got a shared hosting for my website from underhost and everytime i try to open my website avast blocks it saying it contains trojan virus. i checked my backup files and found it clean. what can i do to remove this issue?
  2. Voluum
  3. Cavalier0754

    Cavalier0754 Guest

    Have you tried contacting your host and asking them to look at it?
  4. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Use Trojan Remover hope that will help you. Google Trojan Remover and you should get the software.
  5. rony fernandis

    rony fernandis Affiliate affiliate

    they just asked me to scan the content using the virus scanner in cpanel and that did not work too.
  6. rony fernandis

    rony fernandis Affiliate affiliate

    have tried that too. used 6 different malware removers and still couldnt fix the problem.
  7. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    You should format you C Drive then...
  8. kylebrown9494

    kylebrown9494 Affiliate affiliate

    If your website has malware on it, your hosting account's security was compromised and someone has uploaded malicious software (i.e. malware) to it.

    There are many ways to resolve the issue, but we're going to cover the fastest and easiest way to fix your website.

    Change your passwords
    If your site is hosting malware, you need to immediately change all of your passwords. We recommend using strong passwords.

    Remove the malware
    It's nearly impossible for anyone to reliably remove malware from a website by hand. To remove the compromise from your files, we recommend using an application like Plumbytes Anti-malware. This tool will not only find any compromises in your files, it also removes them.
  9. Alexandra Mckenzie

    Alexandra Mckenzie Affiliate affiliate

  10. no2pencil

    no2pencil Affiliate affiliate

    For every wordpress site I install the sucuri plugin, it notifies me about any activity that I elect for it to. New posts, new users, etc. Additionally, it will detect core file changes, such as added code, & can do malicious file scans. When I've transferred customers for hosting I often do a quick scan for any php code that contains "BASE64" commands, & I've found at least one site that had something nasty installed that was previously uncaught.