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how to promote on facebook free on groups

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by alon hershkovitz, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. alon hershkovitz

    alon hershkovitz Affiliate affiliate

    My name is Alon
    i am trying to promote few products on facebook by signing to groups join them and post
    for each product i join to the relevant groups but i see it is very hard to get attension and clicks on my links
    please provide me step to step guide what to do?
    Thank you.
  2. terraleads
  3. Tim Burd

    Tim Burd Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This is spamming and not really something I would recommend doing as a sole source of traffic. I am sure there are guides out there if you google around for them but its not something I personally support.
  4. alon hershkovitz

    alon hershkovitz Affiliate affiliate

    So please specify what should i do?
    i dont relly want to pay facebook.
  5. Roma Tom

    Roma Tom Affiliate affiliate

    I am starting a Facebook group, and would like to use a Facebook paid ad to find new members. Is that possible?
  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I understand the problem you are having. There is always a twist when making these posts. I will urge you to always craft a post that will engage the target audience. With that, you will give people the need to go through the post and even give their feedback. It is always good to know your audience. Avoid the notion of just posting for the sake of it. Be creative and you will see the results the will come through.
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  7. Shameem Ahmmed

    Shameem Ahmmed Affiliate affiliate

    After the last update of facebook, it's really hard to promote facebook group post .... I also facing this problem
  8. saadhussiensaad

    saadhussiensaad Affiliate affiliate

    You need to search for bigger groups in your niche, Don't promote on the groups directly.
    You have to provide some value first, Then you can start pitching your offers there.
    Let them know you first.
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  9. Dennis Liebel

    Dennis Liebel Affiliate affiliate

    Great tips by @Dr. Forum and @saadhussiensaad

    Ya the truth is if you just try selling to these groups you will get very poor results. You need to engage the members, or give them a reason to want to find out more.
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  10. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Everyone has given you some good advice. Basically, give people a reason to check out your links/products/offers. You have to engage with them and build a trust relationship. Just sticking a "click here" type of post won't work on any social platform. Not these days.

    Post good content and build your following. Make sure you have a link to your site on your profile (if applicable).

    The totally free route (of any type of promotion) usually takes longer than paid advertising but it can be done, if you put in the time and effort. Typically, the results aren't as good but it can help you raise capitol for paid ads down the road.
  11. alon hershkovitz

    alon hershkovitz Affiliate affiliate

    yes but honestly how time it will take?
    and how i can attract people of 30000 group that dont know me?
    i dont have any marketing expereince
    and as i checked every member just publish
    the onle post that can succeed is the pin post but it is only for the admin
    so or you can build your own group and it can take years to go to above 10000 memebers
    or you can replace the admin and get the pin post
    i tried and it is not simple at all.
    but facebook groups is great oppurtuntint cause they are big targetted and free to post
    but as you said it is very hard

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