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How to pick the affiliate program that will work for you


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There is probably no one set of tips on "how to pick the affiliate program that will work for you" that is perfect. Different knowledgeable people could make different suggestions. However there are some basic tips which are likely to remain the same.

I am going to link to an article that has several tips that could be helpful. Some of them are some rather solid tips. There are also some tips that not everyone will agree with.

One that I think really stands out is this one:
A payout of 30% or more would be a good choice.
Often you might hear talk about looking for a high payout and there are affiliates who do that. However 30% isn't going to be possible or even realistic in some cases. Also this completely ignores conversions. One with a lower payout and a higher conversion could sometimes be a much better choice.

Here is the link to the complete article %%how to Pick the Affiliate Program That Will Work for You.%%