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How to monetise on influencers?

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Phill AdsBridge, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Phill AdsBridge

    Phill AdsBridge Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi, everyone!

    We would like to tell you about such type of offers’ promotion as cooperation with influencers and consider a short example with a diet smartlink.

    Influencers are opinion leaders, popular bloggers, who create content in certain themes. In other words - work in a certain vertical.

    Their benefit is in the unique audience, that you can not reach working with usual advertising platforms and teaser networks. Besides, influencer increases the value of your offer in the eyes of customers, because they trust him more than the description on the landing page.

    Blogger can also create unique content with an offer for you: make a video or a picture, write the feedback. All these materials you can include in your landing page and increase its uniqueness.

    Of course, not every vertical is suitable for this type of promotion. However, Google will require a heap of documents for Nutra offers, and hardly a blogger will do it.

    There is a new article in our blog, where you can read about it in detail . Enjoy the reading.

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  2. Voluum
  3. Kajin

    Kajin Affiliate affiliate

    In fact, with a competent approach, you can earn on almost any idea.
    The main thing is to clearly understand what you want and how you can achieve it. Of course, you shouldn't act without a plan, but it's also wrong to limit yourself and not let your energy escape.
  4. bruce bates

    bruce bates Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Not all influencers are bloggers - just wanted to point that out.

    I am an influencer on linkedin and a few other social networks in the cryptocurrency space but I don't have a blog about the subject. One in a while I might post something on publish0x or steemit, but not really what I would call a "blogger" because most of what I do is entirely on the social network.
  5. Ashwyni

    Ashwyni Affiliate affiliate

    Actually, with a capable methodology, you can acquire on practically any thought.
  6. victor_mkey

    victor_mkey Affiliate affiliate

    You say right things - when you work with influencers you have to promote only "White Hat" products, the best would be your own products. Classic affiliate marketing black e-commerce (Nutra etc.) which gives you top ROI and CR% is a bad idea, just because of the laws and also because you create bad reputation for influencers