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How to make MAX Lead but Low Visitor.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by kristina121, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. kristina121

    kristina121 Affiliate affiliate

    hi , how are you all ?

    today i will share my jorney with solution for you.
    all about CPA.

    What it offers and what kind ?

    This is for newbie , if you already know what the CPA , through it.

    Offers = Option and content selection is called LEAD.

    Why is my blog visit thousands but earning little ?
    Many factors with this problem , it could :
    1. Offers / Lead
    2. server
    3. visit morbidly targeted
    4. Landing page ( LP )
    5. Niche etc.

    I will explain one by one .

    1. Offers

    Main different from the play ppc cpa , cpm and the like playing adsense example , the origin has a lot of visitor will surely earning big, because the ad appear only on pay , what else can be clicked , but if in cpa offers many who clicks are not necessarily getting money ( $$ ) , the visit should complete the first one The new offer we get money ( $$ ) . In the CPA , not all countries Offers its supply Lead , this depends on the number Advitiser , and will vary the value / price of the lead . Dutch , German , francis , austria , the average value of lead $ 5 - $ 35 India , Indonesia Average value leads : $ 0.5 down.

    SS below is an example of the state premium and non- premium :
    only one lead only, you can get $ 25.94


    In Indonesia ( non - premium country) is often no leads, although there is , at least just 1- 4 offer his lead . in contrast to US offers his lead dozens , or even the hundreds . So when visit click offers and no leadnya that offers not resolved and the $$ was not obtained .

    Then how do I fix this? This can not be overcome , because it depends Advitiser in each country . Ok . up here you already understand ? Why visit / click are many but $$ little or none at all.

    2. SERVER.

    Based on my experience , when use server singapore , many visit from Asia , while Asia Lead of small value and often non-existent , premium - Lead of the country rarely times in the can , this will automatically have an impact on earnings .
    Why this happened?
    karna singapore server quickly accessed by the countries in the Asian region , while in the access by Europe or America passable region is slow , so that visitors would run away if access our site. ( internet to slow for access other country.)

    Then how do I fix this? Use American server if you want akes cepet and can lead from the US state . Use server Quote pingin akes cepet Europe and the retractable lead dr wil Europe.

    3. VISIT not targeted .

    playing CPA is similar to selling or playing Amazon / Clickbank . remember , is similar , but not the same In the Amazon / Clickbank , visit to spend $$ to get product and we will be able $$ from commissions selling product . In Cpa visit did not issue a $$ to get product / lead and we will be able to $$ when visit finish / interchangeable product . So here we should really be able to visit targeted , that person / visit looking for. Example : When we want to find ebook about CPA and many ygan sell on blogs , then agan entered one blog and the blog offers premium free ebook with the title " How to quickly retrievable $ 1000 / mo dr CPA " let me know . what would you do with it ? :D

    download or not , download or no. download or no download as long as there is free, although it must be completed at hrus offers of purchase. :LOL


    The landing page .
    This part that often prevent people in a play cpa .
    because it makes LP hurus at least we know the code html , css , php and the like , we like to create a theme .
    But jik not understand coding is not a problem because there are a lot of tools and LP Yag sale or free . this forum was already there that provide them.
    one of them , you can use Instabuilder to make the LP .
    tutorial please find d grandparent Google / YouTube , many who share about this.

    Make LP that responsive , light , love img appropriate niche or product that we offer, use words as attractive as possible or whatever is important visit enticed to click / move on to the lead . love the words of instructions / guidelines to get the product , and words of warning when a visit to the leads. For example: " Detection of human and you are not a robot , please completing one offers to quickly intervening get Product ." if the difficulties in making the LP , you can spend a little money to buy LP , please search on this forum . yes it was the LP , please just koment / asked .

    if I could to answer my definite answer later ato no master cpa will be able to help answer it .

    Do not forget , check each LP using a smartphone / tablet to lead arise , because a lot of that can not suport mobile LP so that the lead does not appear . based on my experience , Lead can use more smartphones than PC.


    5. NICHE

    What a nice niche for cpa , he said related to "Download " , very nice ? In my opinion it depends , could be yes , it may not, because it's useless we create niche " Download" but we provide , scattered on the internet with no frills for download.

    eg " android game " , the visitor is not going to want to download in the blog / via our LP , the visitor will say like this . " In GStore there are shared , why should download here , I downloaded directly mending Gstore.

    So , what, then yag good prospects ? If you think , my experience using Niche related to "Premium " , not scattered on the internet to be downloaded for free . eg , software, movies , ebook etc . please use your imagination and your mind to find the right niche .

    yaaa that's all from me , and I did to play cpa it could be an idea for you who have the highest bidding blog , or who have a blog with a lot of visitors , but get a little $$ . may be seen from point 5 above .
    Sorry if the share of shortcomings.

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    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for sharing this information
  5. Kyjuto

    Kyjuto Affiliate affiliate

    1 lead with just 3 clicks :)

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