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How to increase email confirmations?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by POLLITO122, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm gathering emails from people that wants a xbox for free, then, there are a lot of them that submit their email but then they do not confirm, I already have a custom "you are almost done page" i know that a 30% of fake emails .. is normal in the industry, but does someone know how to improve the confirmation rate of email.

    Note here, that i coul just simply, bring the people to the affiliate link just after clicking my very first signup now CTA, so they will submit his email here, and so apparently i would get paid aniways. But since there are autoscrubbers it's not a good idea, im filtering a lot of traffic by harvesting emails first, but the problem there is that can be very difficult to obtain a single click to the affiliate link, becausein my case now i'm only having a confirmed email out of 3 or 4 submissions.

    The other problem is that i do not know how to take profit of the list, i have a dating list with 200+ people but i did not get any conversion ( sometimes 1 click from every subscriver in average with an autoresponder series of 5 emails, what it's the same of twice times moreclicks thanks to the autoresponder series).
    If at leastthere was a CPC dating campaign of these that only accept dating traffic.
  2. newbidder
  3. DwayneSuperAffiliateMedia

    DwayneSuperAffiliateMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Well, you're clearly doing something right if you're getting subscribers to your list. But if you're open rates aren't that good I'd suggest you:
    - Create a more interesting subject line for the emails you send out.(The more that open your emails, the potential clicks you can get)
    - Have you tried the voice over confirmation that actually says to the user to go check their inbox?
    - Continue to test and see which emails are not clicking on your links. If you can verify that they're not, remove them from your list. It'll save you alot of time and energy.
    - Have you tried creating an offer wall with a bunch of dating offers? At least then you can give the user the ability to pick and choose which dating sites they'd like to join - if they join more than one, you just doubled your profit without even having to send out another email blast.
  4. Parry

    Parry Affiliate affiliate

    Another trick is to put a pop up on your opt-in page to remind them that they have to check their email and confirm. But as above, a voice over that you get with many ARs does the same thing too.
  5. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    How do i ad the voice that saisconfirm in a custom confirm your email page?

    I havwe also noticed that many of the emails that did not confirm during the week, have already been confirmed during the weekend. Then the confirmation rate ended being like 80% after all, is this normal?

    The problem is that they confirm the email but not convert the submit, what can perfectly be that the offer is dead or something, then i switched to the featured submit of the network that claims to have a $0,60 EPC (a payout of $1.85), and with different keywords and niche, i had 8 emails that costed me an average of $0,60 each, 2 of them fake or underive, and only one confirmed but did not convert, with this payout, i should have like $0.93 of EPC, so i could still win a little money with it just to say: hey, i have a profitable campaign. But at the moment i did not convert nothing.

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