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How to i can get installs to my app?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by surface2air, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. surface2air

    surface2air Affiliate affiliate

    Hello,I have traffic from large adult popunder traffic sources,also I have adult landing page and I need get installs to my android app from traffic. I have very bad results from my adult landing page...only 1-2 installs from 1000-1500 clicks. Please help me with this question!
  2. Voluum
  3. Ian_murphy

    Ian_murphy Affiliate affiliate

    1) You can ask your friends to install your mobile app.
    2) You can ask your current customers to share your mobile app with their friends.
    3) You can order advertising campaign in marketing company.
    4) You can buy app installs in marketing company.
    5) ASO
    6) You can personally promote your app around the Internet.
    There are a many ways, but your choice depends on the money you are ready to spend.
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  4. vvchat

    vvchat Affiliate affiliate

    optimize your adult landing page
    and get some good comments
    By the way, do you sell adult traffics, we can buy it.
  5. Mr.Style

    Mr.Style Affiliate affiliate

    ur lp sux
    make better one
    or the traffic sux
    find better traffic
  6. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    1. Optimize your landing page
    2. Get good reviews
    3. Advertise your business on Google ads...
  7. burnoscar

    burnoscar Affiliate affiliate

    1. Increase Reviews. Every user that comes to your app’s page in Apple App Store is looking first at the reviews. Why to lose the chance to convince him to download your app. More positive reviews will bring more installs.
    2. Optimize App Name, App Title and App Description. The main features of ASO include:
    • Title, it should be brief and follow a common readable format ( ‘Title – keyword’). Take advantage of the first 33 character for the app name that are visible in Apple App Store and add some keywords without exaggerating.
    • Keywords, which should reflect your message and help you to improve your ranks;
    • Description. A catchy text, completed with keywords is a perfect way to attract new audience. Put your keywords in the description and remember that you have 99 characters to define them. Use synonyms and separate them using comma, not space.
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  8. Faelmaran

    Faelmaran Affiliate affiliate

    What is your budget for doing that ? I have read all othe people replies but have you tried to ask some adult mobile CPA networks (count of them probably hundreds now if not more) to accept you as advertiser ? I was always curious about that myself, what are their requirements ?