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How to have a bank account in 29 countries !!!!


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Hello everyone recently i came a cross a service that is game changer for anyone that accept payment online, this service allow you to get a bank account with 29 currencies and say good buy to tranfer fees.
to see the list of currencies accepted click here.
there are 2 type of accounts :
individual : 50K$/day and 250K$/year
business : 250K$/day and 1M$/year
the service is Transferwise (aff link you can use this link to get a free international tranfser up to 500$), the platform is very user friendly and you probably won't need any help to get familiar with it.
so the service is as it's described you sign up no document needed and you have a 29 bank account you can also change money from a bank account to another at the best rate ever.
the service is now one of the competitor of payoneer and from my experience it's the best expect that payoneer is integrated with a lot of plateform.
enjoy ;)
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Looks like it saves you a lot of time and it's hassle-free option for those who is constantly managing online payments
Maybe for money laundering :)

I use Transferwise too, it is a very nice system. You get;
-EU Bank account
-US bank account
-cheap money transfers worldwide
-possibility to hold many different currencies in your accounts
-and a FREE Credit card to spend your money

It is just like a bank account but with some nice additions.
is it accept Bitcoins ?? if so tell me please how to do that i have some BTC i dont know how to bank them
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It's asking for Document verification.. o_O you said, No verification NEEDED.