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How to Grab the Attention of Tier-1 Audiences That Are Burned Out of Regular Ads and Make Money from Them? — Use Native Ads


Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
This week we found some interesting information on the topic of banner blindness. The writers conducted a study where they asked visitors to a website to scroll through the page and view its content. Afterwards, they were asked to identify what the banners on the page were advertising. Surprisingly, only 14% of the respondents completed this task. In other words, 86% of the respondents didn't even pay attention to the ads. Additionally, we learned how users distribute their attention to different sections of a website.


While scrolling through a website, users are most likely to focus on the content located at the top or center of the page. This observation is supported by heat maps of various websites.


Based on this information, we came up with the idea of exploring a type of advertising that fits well within users' attention zones — Native Ads. They're actually used a lot in the MyBid advertising network. We can give you more information about what Native Ads are and which niches work well when with using them.

What is Native Ads and why is it profitable to work with it?​

Native advertising refers to interesting and useful information that is specifically targeted towards a particular group of people. This type of advertising is seamlessly integrated into the content, so it doesn't feel like someone is trying to force or sell something to the reader. In 2023, advertisers in the United States alone spent around $99 billion on native advertising, and experts predict that the market will grow to $402.3 billion by 2025.

We recommend targeting Tier-1 geos when using native advertising because it's a more subtle way of selling. People in low-income geos may not always understand what's being asked of them through this type of advertising. Also, popular niches for native advertising in other countries may not be as profitable compared to wealthier geos.

There are two types of native advertising:
  • Hidden advertising within content: This can be seen in various places, such as a blogger discussing the benefits of a website, a doctor talking about the advantages of a particular medicine, or even a tutor recommending an educational platform. All of these examples are forms of native advertising.

  • Native Ads: This format is similar in appearance to push notifications, but it's not the same. It involves a block of content that is seamlessly integrated into a website and provides information about a product or service through expert advice, public opinion, or the advertiser's personal perspective.


There are several reasons why advertisers find Native Ads appealing and why affiliates consistently generate profits from them:
  • Difficult to block: Ad blockers pose a significant challenge for many advertisers, as websites can lose up to 35% of their traffic due to these blockers. While this may not be a major concern for low-cost verticals like sweepstakes, it can be critical for industries such as cryptocurrency, gambling, and dating, where missing out on a third of the audience can have a significant impact. However, Native Ads are not easily blocked because they are seamlessly integrated and don't come across as traditional advertising.
  • Targeted audience: Native advertising provides information that is inherently interesting and valuable. An offer presented in this format is seen as a potential solution to a problem that the author is discussing. This approach is particularly attractive to audiences in wealthier geos because marketers are constantly offering appealing products and services to Tier-1 consumers.
  • Positive perception of the product: Native Ads often feature testimonials from people who have tried the product and achieved positive results. It is easier to promote a useful product or service when it has a strong reputation. This helps generate more leads and ultimately increases conversions.
  • Versatile content format: Native Ads can be presented in various formats, such as videos or text. This flexibility not only helps save on creative production costs but also allows advertisers to choose the approach that best suits their desired target audience.
Let's briefly discuss the budget. It is recommended to start with an optimal amount of $800 to $1,000. However, if your manager provides you with a list of whitelisted and blacklisted sites, you may be able to save $100 to $200. This budget is typically enough for running several tests, which will help you launch successful campaigns and gradually scale.

The only expenses you'll need to consider are the advertising creatives themselves and a tracker. Additionally, you may need to allocate a small amount for purchasing domains if your tracker requires you to use them.

What verticals should you promote?​

The following niches are commonly successful in Tier-1 geos: e-commerce, finance, and nutra.

E-commerce products​

Every affiliate has at least once seen a selection of products or tips for the home, accessories for animals or quirks for the car. Each such advertisement is an example of successful or not very successful native advertising.

The focus of advertising depends on the target audience. For example, for women they select various tips and life hacks that will help organize their household.


It is desirable that the photographs be lively and have emotions in them if there are people present. Stock images will not work.


Credit cards, investments, and insurance are offers that tend to perform well on Native Ads targeting Tier-1 geos. People in these geos have grown tired of blatant product selling, so as a marketer, your task is to provide detailed information about the benefits of the promoted product for the audience. Key selling points could include a low interest rate, easy loan approval, or even a cashback percentage, which might motivate leads to place an order. Success stories of individuals who have benefited from specific banking products and are now living well also work effectively in this niche.


Finance is considered one of the most profitable verticals, but optimizing your campaigns is important for maximizing profits. It's important to track which offers are converting better than others and make timely adjustments.

While managing a single campaign is relatively easy, having multiple ad campaigns requires attention to detail, as overlooking things can result in big financial losses. If you prefer a hands-off approach to optimization, you can consider using a fully managed network like MyBid, where your personal manager takes care of the campaign management and optimization tasks.


Nutra is another vertical that works perfectly well with Native Ads. In this vertical, the advertising strategy involves bringing attention to a lesser-known health problem in the headline, discussing it in more detail within the content, and then offering solutions. By presenting your product as a way to prevent or address these health issues, you can persuade people to consider it.

In short, you're showing how your product can help them stay healthy or improve their well-being.


How to launch Native Ads profitably​

The approach for running Native Ads campaigns is similar to that of push notifications. However, it's important to avoid being too promotional. To make your native advertising profitable, consider the following steps:
  • Come up with a suitable title: The title plays a crucial role in how readers perceive your ad. Factors such as the number of characters, wording, and the presence of a verb can greatly impact its effectiveness. Research conducted by BuzzSumo on platforms like Facebook has identified popular headline options.

The BuzzSumo team frequently updates the data from their research.
  • Choose an engaging description: To capture the interest of your target audience, you need to have a clear understanding of their preferences and characteristics. Without a thorough understanding of your target audience, your Native Ads campaigns won’t perform well. Use statistics, forum discussions, and even direct communication with your audience to develop a portrait of your ideal customer. This approach will help you create descriptions that resonate with readers and make them think, "Yes, this is exactly what I need," even before they finish reading the entire material.

Look for high-quality images. The essence of native advertising is to give an honest assessment of the product from the outside. But the lead will never believe the author who uses perfect and verified pictures from the cover. Therefore, the buyer should ask the advertiser to send pictures of the product taken “on the knee”. The reader should see that he is being offered a benefit, and not being forced to buy an offer. For this reason, stock photos immediately fly off.

More than 70% of the world are visual people who evaluate the picture first. And the lion’s share of the success of the native format depends on images. Sometimes novice affiliates for some offers go through 300 ad creatives to choose 20–30 converting.
  • Use high-quality images: Native advertising aims to provide an authentic assessment of the product or service. Readers are less likely to trust authors who use perfect and staged images. Instead, ask your advertiser for real-life pictures of the product or service. This way, readers can see the benefits being offered rather than feeling pressured to make a purchase. Stock photos are often ineffective in native advertising.
Remember that more than 70% of users evaluate pictures first. The success of Native Ads heavily relies on impactful images, so be prepared to go through multiple ad creatives to find the ones that convert well.
  • Select a reliable network: There are numerous advertising networks available for running Native Ads. However, the success of your campaign heavily depends on the quality of the platforms where your ads will be displayed. It's preferable to choose a network that owns its own websites, ensuring your ads are seen by a genuine audience rather than bots. At MyBid, for example, we not only operate our own websites with quality traffic but also use an advanced anti-fraud system to evaluate the traffic coming from the sites of our partners.


When it comes to native advertising, there are spy tools available that offer free trials. While these services may not allow you to search for specific ads, they can provide a general understanding of the strategies employed in those ads. If you're new to native advertising, it's recommended that you explore such services.

When creating your ad creatives, it's always important to feature people, particularly if you have a photo of a beautiful girl making direct eye contact with the camera. This human element tends to increase conversions because people are naturally drawn to other people.

The MyBid team suggests periodically browsing through the websites where your ads are displayed. This practice helps you gain insights into the overall content orientation of the pages and discover interesting approaches that resonate with users. By doing so, you can improve the click-through rate of your ads.
In my opinion, this issue can be easily resolved by choosing the right tools. For example, MGID can help address the problem of banner blindness. Their solutions allow ads to be integrated into content in such a way that they appear as part of the page, increasing user engagement and advertising effectiveness