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how to get more conversion by using 7search traffic on Peerfly offers?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by affys88, May 12, 2014.

  1. affys88

    affys88 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Guys,

    I am new in CPA marketing. i have been spent about $150 on 7search for about 2 weeks, but i still unable to get more conversion.
    Appreciate if someone able to share some tips/tricks to generate more conversion.
    I still do not understand the best way to generate more conversion using 7search.
    i read a couple of articles, but it still doesn't help.

    Thank you

  2. newbidder
  3. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    You need to understand your target, ad copy, lander, and your product page what all offers, it's a combination to get positive result.
  4. Snoop

    Snoop Active Member affiliate

    How many keywords, clicks etc ?
  5. peterpaul

    peterpaul Affiliate affiliate

    That difficult for convertsion from search. You can try SEO, i think
  6. joeyjohnson

    joeyjohnson Affiliate affiliate

    I'm in the same boat more or less, dropping money on 7search to try and get into paid advertising vs SEO but so far no conversions. I've only dropped around $100 the past couple days with a total of 825 clicks out of 363k impressions. Obviously need to work on my ad copy :/
  7. mandyk

    mandyk Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, I am also in the same position.
    OFFER (Peerfly): short form registration;
    Offer currently paying out $0.80 with an EPC of 0.01; CR of 0.84%;

    Direct linked so I do not have to worry about the landing page yet. I should be cloaking and I should be list building. However, I just want to understand the evaluation and stats interpretation at this point. All and any help would be most appreciated. Here are the spend details

    SPENT (7Search):
    $11.14; 5,739 impressions; 113 clicks; no conversions.
    I have paused the campaign. At this point: an average of $0.098 per click ($11.14/113) and CR of 1.97% (113/5739).

    Now I am not sure how to interpret my results.

    1. With this data, do the offer stats indicate that I need a conversion rate of 0.80/0.01 = 80% (payout/EPC)?

    2. Am I correct in calculating that to breakeven at say $5 spend, I need to have at least 7 conversions (6.25) (rounded up to 7xpayout)?

    3. To get 7 conversions, do I need at least 833 clicks? Based on the offer stats CR=0.84% so 7 conversions/0.84% = 833 clicks?.

    4. Since I do not have any conversions yet, does this indicate that I should have been aiming for 42,284 impressions before deciding it was a losing campaign? (833 clicks/1.97% data CR)

    5. If the preceding understanding is correct; then is the conclusion that this campaign is a loser from the beginning as a paid promotion since with this data, I would need to pay a maximum of less than 1c (like almost "free" traffic) $0.006 per click to breakeven ($5/833 clicks)?

    6. So if that is all correct, I would need to focus on getting a much better click through and conversion rate, which means superior ad title, ad copy and traffic targeting?

    All and any help in understanding the numbers would be most appreciated. I am not good with numbers and so I would build a spreadsheet to monitor and to capture this stuff, but I need to understand before I can build :). Thank you.
  8. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Have you enabled to subid blocking in 7search?

    For 7search, you need be tracking and continuously weeding out the bad publishers to get profitable.

    have a look at Luke's posts on 7search. http://www.lukepeerfly.com/tag/7search
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2014

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