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How to get Approved at EWA Private Network!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by K, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Ok i came accross this on another forum a few weeks back and thought i'd share it with you all.

    EWA claims to be a private invite only network - and yes it IS a great network, but heres how you can get approved without the invite!

    1) Simply, go to Free PPC Affiliate Tracking Software | Tracking202F

    2) Register for tracking202

    On the registration page you will see a little box for opt in, tick that box to be pre-approved by EWA. Once you finish registering with tracking202, you will get a mail from EWA inviting you for applying to their network.

    Let me know the results!
  2. Voluum
  3. hatan88

    hatan88 Affiliate affiliate

    thank you. very creative way.
    I just want to know if they accpeting kind of noobs or just the pro?
    because what i thinking is that they are assist to noobs becoming pro..am i right?
  4. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Cool sharing K. ;)
  5. jeffrey73

    jeffrey73 Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice share, but I believe EWA will only accept you with a referral.
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    I dont see how they only except with a referral yet they are open to sign ups? Unless someone has to back the sign up, up!
  7. jeffrey73

    jeffrey73 Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I don't see how either. EWA wants you to have a referral to avoid fraud, I can understand that.

    Yet they promote to join their network on almost every cpa related website I've seen.

  8. kenster

    kenster Affiliate affiliate


    The advertising is all about brand exposure and they have a very wide advertising campaign. It works...asks anybody who has been doing CPA for any length of time and they will surely know the Eagle Asset brand.

    It creates that demand for their service!

    It's also a myth that they just except super affiliates, they just require the referral to weed out the fraudsters because referrers wouldn't want to refer people they don't know because it looks bad if that person ends up being a bad referral or fraudster. But they do take on marketers that aren't pushing big numbers...so its not like an exclusive secret handshake type club, they just require a referral.
  9. jeffrey73

    jeffrey73 Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Yes, he has always been one of the best at branding his network. And you're right that EVERYONE involved in CPA definitely knows about EWA.

  10. moneyhound

    moneyhound Affiliate affiliate

    That's a very creative way of getting approved. Thanks for sharing the method.
  11. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah.. I agree with Kenster... They are surely a BIG BRAND and We must Admit that Ryan Eagle is a very Clever as well as smart guy... He really did very well in the industry and quickly turned his network to #1 spot..