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How to find and buy Facebook Pages.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    How to find and buy Facebook Pages.

    This guide will show you a nice trick on how to buy Facebook pages and what to look for when you do.

    Facebook Pages

    Facebook pages can be one of the best sources of traffic online. If you have big pages you will always be in demand. You can use them in so many different ways but the biggest plus of them, is they can turn anything "viral". The possibilities are endless with pages and you can use them to grow new pages and target new people.

    Finding Pages

    Finding pages can be easy however finding pages where by you can contact the owner to enquire about a purchase can be impossible. As a page owner or administrator you get the option to set yourself as visible to your members. Therefore meaning you will show as the admin of the page to others or not. Rarely do people show as the admin as they may get bombarded with messages etc, but some do! These are the people we want to target.

    I have used the following tactic in the past to find and buy very reasonable pages. Using this clever snippet of code head on over to Google and search with the following term,

    "keyword here" "page owners" site:facebook.com inurl:/pages/
    Now what you need to do is replace the "keyword here" text with a keyword you may be targeting, or if you want something generic use a generic term. For example say i was into the auto insurance vertical and wanted a page about cars i would search,

    "cars" "page owners" site:facebook.com inurl:/pages/
    What this will do is show you all the page results where by the keyword is in the page title and the admin is contactable. Try searching for more generic terms to find bigger and un targeted pages. For example keywords like the following often get used in bigger pages,


    You are looking for pages that show the administrator and contact details like the following.


    Contacting the Admin/Owner

    Once you have found a handful of pages, just like your direct media buys it's time to contact them. I have written up a template that i use when messaging page owners with good results. Firstly you need to establish communication and then you can check out the page insights etc. Always make sure you are on new accounts and proxies as if Facebook remove one account, hopefully all your sources won't go.

    “Hey NAMEHERE,
    How are you? I was just wondering if your page may be for sale as i am looking for one just like it to use for my project. If so would you kindly message or email me back with the following,
    A screenshot of the insights (Admin > Insights > All)
    A test update so i can see how active the page is
    Your desired price for complete ownership and control of the page
    Thank you so much for your time,
    Once you have received some replies it's time to look at what sort of pages you should be buying.

    What to look for

    When buying pages you need to take into account the following,

    This simply means how busy and active the page is, some pages may have 2million fans but be dead as a dodo. This is the reason we ask the admin to run a test update so we can see how many people like, share or comment on it. The busier the better. Also bare in mind Facebooks new "talking about" stat by the page numbers.

    Size is all taken into comparison with price, if you have a small but active page going for a cheap price then great. However i would always try to get as bigger pages as possible.

    Just like any other affiliate marketing method we need to take a good look at demographics. This is why we ask for a shot of the insights. Bare in mind what countries are active and how many offers are available for that country. Also the sex and age of the fans are very important. You need to think of the potential market of each page via it's insights and if you think you can easily make your money back and more.

    By this i mean you need to think how long the page will last. If you buy a page with offensive language in the title or a hate page the likely hood is it will be removed by Facebook pretty soon. Bare this in mind as you want your investment to grow and not be removed straight away.


    How much to Pay

    This is the biggest problem with pages as no one really knows what they are worth. An app guy may buy a page and make a killing with it in a week but then have it deleted by Facebook. Where as a different marketer could make a decent income for a year from the page. It's only worth what your willing to risk for it. I would NEVER spend more than $500 on a page, simply because i know how quickly they can be taken away from you. However always negotiate a price with the owners, if they ask for $500 say you can offer $250! You'll be amazed at how cheaply some people will sell as they are clueless to marketing and how our industry works.
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  2. newbidder
  3. iamthecoolnerd

    iamthecoolnerd Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I've used a similar method to this buying YouTube channels. I would offer a split of the commissions in some cases. Would that be a viable option here? Or should I stick to buying the page outright?
  4. fbman007

    fbman007 Affiliate affiliate

    to many scammers out there please be careful
  5. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I recently got a quote on a FB Fan Page with 30K+ likes... They wanted $20K !!!
  6. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate

    i really like this Dork :D but i will not buy fb pages cause there is a lot of scammers there :p
  7. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    You should make a guide how to buy YT channels.:)
  8. Laksh

    Laksh Affiliate affiliate

    Great idea...

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