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How to do tracking for promoting CPA offers?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Kay Huang, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Kay Huang

    Kay Huang Affiliate affiliate

    I'm new in promoting CPA offers. Lots of people say tracking is very important. But I have no idea how to do it. I went to "Tracking" section in Dojo and there are all posts about prosper, nothing else.

    I'm thinking about using ClickMagick cause it seem much easier to use and much cheaper. But I don't know what matrics I should be look for and how analyze the tracking results.

    Anyway I really have no idea about how to do Tracking at all. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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  2. Voluum

  3. Hey, @Kay Huang, nice to e-meet you.

    I represent tracking solution AdsBridge, it works well with CPV (cost per visit, visit - the moment when user comes through campaign link), CPA, CPM, RevShare.

    First of all you have to know, AdsBridge has a free trial, in order you could test it or give it a try.

    The setting are simple, and the support team will be glad to assist you with your first campaign. Btw, there are lots of manuals and user guides on our blog and youtube channel:

    - Traffic source creation Create Your Traffic Source with AdsBridge
    - Affiliate network Affiliate Network setup on AdsBridge
    - Offer creation How to create an offer on AdsBridge?
    - Campaign creation

    Depending on what are you going to track, you will need such metrics, as CTR, V2C, C2C, EPV, EPC, ROI, you can choose any of this in our customizing table by marking the checkbox needed. Screenshot “AdsBridge - Next generation tracker and landing page builder! - Google Chrome 2016-06-14 10.58.29.png”

    Here is the scheme that'll help you to understand the tracking process:

    I know it's too much information, so my advice is to register and give it a try!
  4. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    There are tons of tracking platforms available. Hasoffers, Cake, Prosper, Voluum, Imobitrax, Hitpath etc are the majority our affiliates use

    Or you can use the tracking platform of the network you sign up with. At MonsterAds we've got a custom built tracking platform that can break down stats into great details to help monetise campaigns