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How to create High quality backlinks using images,videos


Samuel Roy

You need to create attractive and business related images and videos. You need search in google and participate in that sites by sharing you have created images and videos it is will more helpful to increase more high quality backlinks to the website through this activities.


You can post videos on Youtube for High Quality backlinks to your site.

Google+ communities. Join a couple of them in your niche.
i.e. Your website is about Classic cars. You can post classic cars images to the community. with your link.

Facebook groups. Same concept as google+ and youtube

There are tons more. But to be honest. Concentrate on 2-3 that you like the best. And be ACTIVE.
Post often, share other peoples images and videos, talk to the other people. Get to know them.

You will do much better concentrating on 2-3 at a time then to just post and forget to 50 diffrent sites.

Hope that helps. :)

callum clarke

Hi Guys,

I have a business and its in the lead generation sector. I am really struggling to find ways of building high quality backlinks. I see on this post that pictures might be something that i have missed. Just to make sure i get this right i upload pictures regarding lead generation with a hyperlink to my site. Hope that people share it and thats who i get a link is that correct?