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Selling How to create FB Ad accounts, only selling to 2 people!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by webstar83, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. webstar83

    webstar83 Affiliate affiliate

    Everybody knows how hard it is to create FB advert accounts these days, You can, if you are lucky pick up agency accounts on black hat forums for $1500+ that last just a few days.

    I have a method for creating private FB Ad accounts, I am selling this method to 2 people to help fund a product I have in development. I dont suggest selling the accounts you make, proper FB marketers know you can make much more with keeping an account with a good campaign than selling it.

    This is not a first come first served, if I dont feel that you are the right person to sell to I wont, if this method got made public then it would be taken care of by facebook. I must be able to trust you will use the knowledge responsibly.

    The method will cost you $5000, No movement on price at all. If you really do need accounts and think this price is too much feel free to go buy $1500+ agency accounts that go down in 1 week. You can make unlimited accounts with this method, you could not buy 4 accounts for the price I am selling.

    PM me your skype if you are genuinely interested

  2. terraleads

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