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How to create campaign in mobicow?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by sevenjah, May 29, 2014.

  1. sevenjah

    sevenjah Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys!
    I need help on how to create a campaign in mobicow to get started.
    1. I am not sure what does those Device targetting, Vendor targetting do. Should I leave them to default "All targetting"? I am targetting iOS only. i'm confuse.
    2. What is Bid option? the min Bid is 0.50. Can anyone please explain this to me?
    3. What is optimize bids? there are "yes or no" option.
    4. Is it okay to use adworkmedia offer? Since I don't belong to a mobile affiliate network I will try to use a mobile offer in adworkmedia.

    Hope you can enlighten me on this. :(
  2. terraleads
  3. drluisbarrios

    drluisbarrios Affiliate affiliate

    The best way to start with them is to talk with them, don't be afraid to talk directly
    Even they are willing to configure your first campaign if you have the money to
    start and you are serious.

    no company wants to leave money on the table and you are a customer

    Contact details
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  4. mobicow

    mobicow The Dojo Member Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hi Sevenjah,

    Dominic here from Mobicow. Thanks for your inquiry/question.

    1. Device targeting means device "model" such as iPhone4, iphone5 or other specific Android/iOS model.
    Vendor (as explained above the targeting field) means "brand" such as Apple, RIM (blackberry) ect..

    If you wish to target only iOS for your campaign, you need to find out if it allows phones and tablets. If it does, I suggest you select "iOS" in "OS targeting" and leave everything else blank. If for example your campaign only accept iPhone (phone only) then I suggest you select all model in "device targeting" which will be as follow : iPhone, iphone3, iphone4, iphone5.

    2- Bid : is how much (maximum) as you willing to pay for 1000 views (or impressions). In our case, it's a 1000 visitors to your campaigns. Unless you have selected a different ad freq other than 1 per day, you will only get unique visitor per day.

    3- Optimize bid, if enabled ("YES") means we will always try to fetch the best rates for each impressions, across the whole network, just a few cents over the next higher bidder. In other word, if you select ("NO") you will be paying a static price which is your MAX bid. For example, if your max bid is set at 1.50$, you will be paying a fixed 1.50$ for each 1000 views.

    4- Each affiliate networks has different offers/campaigns. We are not looking at which affiliate network you are working with but the type of campaign(s) you are promoting. Please refer to the terms of services you previously accepted (before accessing the advertiser interface) to find out what's allowed and what's not. Briefly, adult or nudity content, violence or any other inappropriate content such as campaigns that may lead the user think he has a virus is STRICTLY prohibited and may result having your account banned. But for more complete details about our terms, please make sure you read them carefully.

    We are completely self-serve but please note we offer dedicated account manager (free for any account) that you can talk to. Just open up a support ticket (top of the ad center under "Support") and we will guarantee you response within 12 hours (faster during business hours and week days).

    Again, thanks for your interest in becoming one of our valued advertisers.

    Mobicow team
  5. sevenjah

    sevenjah Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you so much Dominic.
  6. makerblog

    makerblog Affiliate affiliate


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