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How to bank big on Facebook ads

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by akori_media, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. akori_media

    akori_media Affiliate affiliate

    How to bank big on Facebook ads

    This overview guide will not cover how to setup a site, choose an offer, or my recommendations on such steps for the time being I may edit this in the future and add it in.


    Everyone always hears about affiliates having campaigns with 300-400% ROIs (Return on Investment) for people that are just getting started with facebook you don't see how this is possible. This post is to show you what is needed to accomplish those type of ROIs


    There are 3 Major niches that do extremely well and don't seem to die down or run out of audience.

    Choose One:
    • Weight Loss
    • Skin Care
    • Muscle
    I guarantee that the affiliates with those ROIs are running in these niches. Please do be aware that these niches are saturated meaning competition is very abundant, do not let that discourage you though, think of it like this:

    • Weight Loss - There will always be people that will be trying to lose weight the easiest way possible (no matter what is going on the economy).
    • Skin Care - There will always be people who are not satisfied with the physical appearance of their skin (no matter what is going on the economy).
    • Muscle - There will always be juice heads & other guys in the world that will do anything to get ripped even if they already are (no matter what is going on the economy).
    Are you seeing the pattern here? "(no matter what is going on the economy)"
    If you want to make real money on facebook ads making $1k - $ /day it is crucial you have a market that doesn't run out this way you have no limits to the scale you can take your campaign to (in theory).

    "(in theory)" - simply meaning you will need to learn how to tweak your campaign accordingly to the scale of your expenditure.

    So after you have Chosen your 1 out of the 3 Niches

    You will need to find a Landing Page to presell these people to your Offer
    Some of the most successful offers in these niches are trials offers as people will always be willing to "pay less for more" and most trial offers pay from $35+/lead (being conservative) feel free to try and promote straight sale offers as well they can do just as well if not better. Be sure to consult with your affiliate manager before jumping in so he/she can provide you with pointers for your campaign and can critique your LP
    PRO TIP: Be sure to run your niches cpa offer through a network so you don't worry about being stiffed of payment from advertisers.

    You will also need to know about Cloaking...

    I am not going to go over all the technical side of cloaking as this is an overview guide and want you just to see the idea.


    No, not like this:

    Since we will be selling all of these people a product whether it be Straight Sale or Trial & It is actually against the Terms of Service of Facebook to run these type of ads as most of the words you will use will sound to salesy and not to mention that your Landing Page (LP) will probably not meet "Facebook's standards" So we will simply show the people approving your ads what they want to see meaning we will "Cloak" our link. Cloakers normally cost money every month unless you have coded a custom cloaker or just have friends in high places.

    That's all for now may revise and change in future not sure yet
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  2. terraleads
  3. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Some more information about how to run such ads on Facebook and what cloakers are best to use would be great.
  4. scott.offergrind

    scott.offergrind Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This is excellent general explanation of how the big guys are running all these diet offers hitting $50k to $100k days or weeks. The only problem is that it is always a cat and mouse chase....so be prepared and be careful folks as more than likely your account will be banned and have to go buy new accounts from a third party sources at high starting prices such as $1000s per account.. When you are ready to do so, hit us up, we got numerous health/diet offers in which most are cool with this practice.
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  5. danozafar

    danozafar Affiliate affiliate

    Seemed excellent until I finished like unfinished.
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  6. datingoffers

    datingoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dating is also doing pretty good with Facebook ads I should say. Those affiliates who send Facebook ads traffic our way see high ROI and earn some serious $$$ with us. If you'd like to test our dating offers with your Fb or any other kind of traffic please feel free to hit me up (see the sig) ;)
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  7. Leo

    Leo Affiliate affiliate

    Some niches work very very well on Facebook! If you're doing blackhat, you'll be banned. I lost 1 account after 8 months. So I decided to leave blackhat niches! I want to earn in a legit way!
  8. BrandonMA

    BrandonMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Ive seen dating and weight loss offers do very well. I personally have never ran it but do work with those who do.
  9. fivefifty

    fivefifty Affiliate affiliate

    Any ideas where to find good/affordable cloakers? Also why would the account be banned if you're using a cloaker and they don't know?

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