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How Shared Web Hosting Works - Lazy bloging

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by temi, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator affiliate

    I was contacted via my blogs by a guy from UK, he offered to write and article in exchange for a link to UK from the bottom of the article, I agree, excerpt from the article below, you can read the full article at my blog.

    Shared web hosting has allowed webmasters around the world to easily and cheaply launch websites, blogs, and pretty much any online endeavor, but how does shared hosting work? and why has it become so cheap while the included diskspace and bandwidth has
    increased 1,000 fold? These are all questions that will be answered today.
    Web hosting can be broken down into two things in order to better understood. The first part of hosting is a location where you keep the
    pages, pictures, and anything else you want available. The second part is invisible to most people and is an address service that tells every
    computer where your hosting is located. When you combine these things anyone in the world can load your “address”, or URL and they will get to see the pages you are storing on your hosting. This is a pretty simplistic way of looking at it but an easy way to visualize the process.
    Shared web hosting is cheap because it doesn’t take many resources to store and show web pages unless a site is very popular. A hosting
    company buys a computer called a server, which is just like your home computer except smaller so they can stack them, and then on that
    server they can put as many people as the server can handle. So they might be 300 shared web hosting accounts on one server. That is why it
    is so inexpensive to get web hosting, as the price of a computer has gone down it is cheaper to setup hosting at a cheap rate.
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