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How promote adult content in social media?

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by MaxAffiliate77, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. MaxAffiliate77

    MaxAffiliate77 Affiliate affiliate

    How promote adult content in social media?
  2. Voluum
  3. TopOffers

    TopOffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    here are several ways to do this, and you should use all of them to avoid being banned:
    • Make sure that the landing page Facebook will visit is appropriately cloaked with a suitable version that complies with its rules.
    • Collate the IP address range of Facebook’s reviewers, and direct visits from these IP’s to your cloaked page. You can do this by using the cloak for all traffic during the first couple of weeks of your campaign and capturing the IP’s that visit your page, and then redirecting them to your cloaked page in future.
    • Examine your referral domains and redirect any coming from Facebook reviewers and developers to your cloaked page.
    • Divert hits from the geographical areas where Facebook reviewers are based to your cloaked page. This does mean that you will lose genuine traffic from those same areas, but this added layer of safety is a small price to pay to avoid being banned.
    • Avoid targeting audiences that will find your real content offensive, as you will run the risk of being banned due to reports of inappropriate content.

    What should your dating website’s cloaking page look like?
    Ensuring that your cloaking page fits the rules for Facebook’s dating ads is vital, otherwise you will not even get approval in the first place!

    • Always keep in mind Facebooks rules for dating sites, and ensure that you do not mention or imply anything relating to cheating, casual sex, hook-ups and so on.
    • Use neutral pictures, image tags and of course, keywords and meta titles, to ensure that your content is not flagged due to your coding, even if the page’s appearance is beyond reproach.
    • Finally, be careful when you use Facebook’s ad manager to narrow down the audience for your adverts. Remember, you must avoid any hint of impropriety, which means ensuring that your stated target audience demographics are compliant. For example, this means choosing “men interested in women” AND whose relationship status is single, rather than “men interested in women” OR whose relationship status is “single.” Even a simple error such as the latter can lead to your account being banned. How to Send Facebook Traffic to a Dating Website - TopOffers
  4. mafiso

    mafiso Affiliate affiliate

    Well instagram is really hard since you need make alot accounts for it to work and twitter is pretty much saturate aswell. There is another media (which you have to think which one is it). Main thing is hear people are using dating apps and snapchat add sites and then use snapchat to promote CPA links however you have to create girl persona that believable otherwise they won't convert. Also you need like 500 adds daily for it to work and NOT USA traffick since it is saturated
  5. ClickCashStacy

    ClickCashStacy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

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  6. jonvryant

    jonvryant Affiliate affiliate

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