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How often do you post new content on your forum or blog?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by bauss, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. bauss

    bauss Affiliate affiliate

    I create new posts on my forum everyday, and usually create at least one thread per day. Somedays I won't bother creating new threads if I don't feel we need new discussions. I don't want to be the only member on my forum creating discussions.

    I also have a blog on my forum, and I create a new blog post every couple of days. I like to show my members that I'm active in the community, because then it'll encourage them to be active as well.

    How often do you post new content?
  2. Voluum
  3. afh

    afh Affiliate affiliate

    Forums - I do posts like this one every day for Postloop credit. This translates into a dozen or so new posts to my forums every day. I prefer this to doing stacks of posts on my own forums, it adds variety and gives new perspectives. It also allows the Postloop traffic to build relationships with my other members and this gets them coming back even when there's no credit offered.

    Blogs - None of my blogs are about current news or trends, so I've got the luxury of time. I'll usually get inspired and write continuously for a week or two, scheduling a post every day for months in advance. It works quite well because then I'm never under pressure to produce content. When a blog gets down to it's last few weeks of stock I'll start focusing on it and bring that back up to about 9 months of posts.
    For example: American Sign Language For Babies currently has 10 months of posts scheduled.

    At times I'll also buy content through sites like fiverr or elance if I'm lazy or need a quick filler, but these usually end up wasting time because I'll invariably spend more time editing them than they would have taken to write in the first place.
  4. Caliber

    Caliber Affiliate affiliate

    I post articles on my blog twice a week depending on when I have time. Sadly, I don't have too much time for my blog anymore so I can't keep the post count as high as I would like it to be.

    My forum is pretty loaded with users so I don't post on my forum a lot. I remember the first times I launched my forum! I was making at least 5 threads every day to keep the forum alive and going. I'm glad that those days are behind and my forum is working by itself :)
  5. Canadian Lover

    Canadian Lover Affiliate affiliate

    I currently have no regular users for my custom portal site. I haven't uploaded any new photos for a while and I'm still coding what is needed for an information Wiki. The website itself is not in its finished satate yet so I guess adding more functionality to my website is a kind of update. I just wish I had more visitors posting more content.,
  6. Rube

    Rube Affiliate affiliate

    I don't have a forum of my own, but I do post in forums every day.

    I'm also a blogger and I try to keep my blogs active by posting at least three times a week. I seem to get new comments and followers each time I add a new blog post. If I leave it for more than a week without posting, I still get traffic and occasional comments, but not as much as I do when I keep adding regular new posts.

    I also create content for other websites, which means I have to produce at least one article a day.
  7. Viktori

    Viktori Affiliate affiliate

    I update as much as I can, but just as a rule of thumb, I try to update at least twice a month even when I get extremely busy. I'm fortunate enough to have some semi-regular followers on my blog, so I try to show my appreciation to them by replying to their comments regularly and posting as often as I can. Granted, like I mentioned, it's not always possible and I sometimes leave my blog stagnant for long periods of time so I always make sure I have some articles ready to be posted as backup for when I get too busy to write anything new.
  8. Mr.Panos

    Mr.Panos Affiliate affiliate

    Forums are different from blogs. Someone who owns a blog shouldn't post a comment in his articles because it doesn't show professionalism. If I owned a blog, I would create an article per day in order not to lose some visitors. If I owned a forum, I would post 20 replies per day and 5-6 topics per day, especially if the forum is in the beginning.
  9. Chynamp

    Chynamp Affiliate affiliate

    For a blog I would say once a week. For a new blog I try and post at least three times a week to keep the content fresh and updated. Once the blog has been established for a while I would say once a week. If a blog doesn't have any new posts for months people will lose interest and move on to anther blog that updates more regularly. I don't have a forum yet, but I definitely think you need to be posting everyday on a forum, the more the better.
  10. vida_llevares

    vida_llevares Affiliate affiliate

    3-5 new posts a week would be great. Balance off your new posts between threads and responses.
  11. Spintax

    Spintax Affiliate affiliate

    For blogs, it depends on the niche. Some require a couple of posts a day, and some are ok with once a week posts. What really helps is scheduling articles for future dates -- that way you can upload a bunch at one time and you're not stuck babysitting your site every day.
  12. JBMedia10

    JBMedia10 Affiliate affiliate

    Although starting your own threads and conversations is vital as being an owner of a forum, it might discourage new users/readers away if they only see you starting all the topics. It's generally a good idea in the beginning stages of a community to put together a little money to have other people starting up conversations. This enhances new users to think the community is more active than it generally is. However, with the right marketing, at that point the community will become more active with the new users while the paid users generally fade off.
  13. toughtrasher

    toughtrasher Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not really on a schedule on how much I post on my blog, but I am trying to shape a constant stream of posts.

    What I'm aiming for is 2 posts a week, which will allow me to focus on SEO in the days that I don't post and bring traffic from search engines that way.
  14. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    I've been trying to find the right time when to update. Currently, I'm sitting at once every two or three days, and I have seen nothing decrease in my traffic so far. The content is a bit better in my opinion since I have more time to edit and add sentences and information to it, so I definitely see an improvement. Some people are going for 1 a week, so I would expect them to have over-the-top writing and quality.
  15. Scitamehtam

    Scitamehtam Affiliate affiliate

    On my blog I post almost daily. Some days I'm able to write about 15 articles (300 to 500 words) because there is so much to cover in my niche. It helps also that I enjoy the topic and it doesn't actually feel like I'm doing work -- the words just flow right from my fingers.
  16. iridescent

    iridescent Affiliate affiliate

    I'm in the process of creating my new blog, but it doesn't require daily posting. However, in an old blog that I used to have, I had to post daily because it was about new technology and science. It required daily research on what's going on around the world.
  17. strata12123

    strata12123 Affiliate affiliate

    I make at least one blog post a day or at least one every other day if I'm busy during that week.
    I also have friends who maintain it for me if I go on trips where I can not use internet for a while(camping trips, hiking, etc.)
  18. Teekay

    Teekay Affiliate affiliate

    The site I run with a few of my friends, gets updated with new content on a daily basis. Generally, on the weekends there are fewer post entries but roughly 5 a day is our average. We have got a new member on our team so expect the posts per day to rise.
  19. Murray

    Murray Affiliate affiliate

    I've been thinking about this and a blog that I was working on another person with came under a problem where we were doing too much. We didn't have the daily unique hits to capture an audience we needed to generate revenue, and the people who did return were likely overburdened with information. I think that a couple pieces a week with a lot of quality will out weigh a daily blog unless you can somehow keep the quality up.
  20. beachdesign

    beachdesign Affiliate affiliate

    I'm very on & off with my blog posting, I try my best to keep it consistent, but I'm constantly failing myself. I get distracted with freelance clientele, and real-life and tend to let my blog sit unactive for weeks at a time. This is horrible for a start-up blog, as it grows I expect to see my activity improve, but for now I need to put in some work.
  21. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    When I had my forum I was an active member too. I had two accounts - one as the admin - I was quite irregular with this account when it came to posting and only warnings, or rules were the stuff that I posted (apart from the few occasions where I thought it necessary to respond to a couple of discussions which were related to doubts and suggestions of the members). The other account was a normal account and I was quite active on that one.

    For my blog... Ah, that is a sad story... I had two blogs - I left posting on one years ago (that is still on blogger) and the other was on my website, and I was posting every 10-15 days. But unfortunately the site was hacked and I had to migrate to another host - as the earlier host had no backups and charged me a hell lot to deliver the backup which was many months old.

    Now, I have reconstructed my website on simple static php and html but I have plans to create a wordpress theme and put a blog section on it as a sub-domain sometime soon.