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How much will I get for CPAOFFERS.US ??

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by makemoneyguru, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. makemoneyguru

    makemoneyguru Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Guys, I am a newbie here....I think the right section for posting this, if its not, please let me know...

    Well I have a domain thats listed on flippa. Domain is CPAOFFERS.US
    As you know the domain has big reach and anyone can think of setting up a website in it with CPA offers or even one can plan a network too...

    Auction is in flippa, u can get it by just looking in the CPA section or by searching CPAOFFERS.US for sale, I cant post the link here coz of low post count....

    I already got 2 bids, the last one being $500..

    I would like to know how much I can predict from this auction....
    Let me know your suggestions too for getting max bids...
  2. Voluum
  3. Mohalsaiad

    Mohalsaiad Affiliate affiliate

    i have idea for you ,, MGCash Has a good tool , they have Parking tool
    Try make money with it
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    It has a lot of potential - i may have a interested buyer also...if your willing to build something and work at it - it could be gooood!
  5. makemoneyguru

    makemoneyguru Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Wow...Thats really a great news to here....Well Mr Admin, of sorry, Mr. K, could you tell me, what will I get if I am selling the domain only and what will I get if I upgrade it to a website...

    I am not clear, coz, as u know there are a lot of ways, for eg: I can make it as a blog or I can make it as a review site of all the networks, many ways, could u tell me the way that I get the max bid/price....

    I am going to PM you...Please check that too....
  6. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    makemoneyguru, do you own cpaoffers.com?
  7. makemoneyguru

    makemoneyguru Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    No, I dont, The domain is cpaoffers.us, and the cpaoffers.com is on #1 for the keyword, "cpa offers"

    I am triple sure that my domain has the value and potential as the forum owner Mr.K said and I already got a $500 bid in the flippa listing. I cant post the link here, but its in flippa, if u search it you can see...
    Now I am seriously thinking of setting up a site there...which is pretty relevant...I am a SEO too,,,and I can make it to max top and the max alexa rank.....(in other way, I was thinking of not selling the site, coz now only I got the click)

    Anyway Mr. John, do u have any interest...I am willing to do any

    let me know
  8. bosco

    bosco Affiliate affiliate

    With that domain I can think to do a site review cpa offers that work or have good return based on the experience of members