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How much Experience do I need to get a job as a copywriter?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by adamjohnson, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. adamjohnson

    adamjohnson Affiliate affiliate

    So, about a year ago, I decided that I wanted to be a copywriter. I wanted to start out working for an establishment as a junior copywriter, but quickly found out that even the smallest of establishments were looking for something VERY important which, I'll admit, I didn't have at the time: copywriting experience!
    I decided to get some copywriting experience on fiverr as a freelancer. The pay was- and still is- CRAP, but the experience was GREAT as I got to work for lots of clients on a variety of projects and I quickly built up a 5 star profile on the site. I created an online portfolio on contently and I decided to try applying again- they still said I needed experience! With over 30 copywriting projects under my belt- including Ashley Madison and Bubandu- I kind of felt I would be good to go in terms of experience.
    So my question is... how many copywriting projects do you need to work on before most organizations think that you're worth being employed as their copywriter? You can take a look at my online portfolio here if you want to: bobbynchris.contently.com

    I really appreciate your feedback

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  2. Voluum
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Have you let your social media followers know that you're looking for a position as copywriter? And are you connected to companies/agencies you hope to work for?

    When approaching/applying, do you provide any proof that your copy has actually resulted in positive results, i.e. wrote a sales letter for XYZ, which increased sales of their thing-a-majig by 40%?

    Do you have the ability to use NLP, emotional or psychologically based writing? If so, mention it. Ditto content keywording and SEO.

    I would also start publishing on a variety of sites, not just one or two. Get out there and get known.

    I'm curious, are you looking at only doing content and sales letters? Are you also wanting to be involved in corporate ads, brochures, video scripts, etc.?

    There are other places to get clients and rep besides fiverr! Try digital/affiliate marketing forums, they're good places to start. Those guys will love your portfolio. The pay is likely to only be slightly more until you gain a reputation with the members.

    Also, check the classifieds of large cities. I used to get Toronto clients from kijiji. When a company or marketer doesn't know where to hire from, they will start there, oftentimes and the work is usually simple content. There are plenty of sites offering job/freelance listings for writers. Don't forget about offline publication writing, either. Show you can work with a variety of mediums, if possible. If you've ever worked as part of a writing team, that would be good to point out, as well.

    If you check other classifieds, there is/was a big call for technical writers. That pays well, if you can do tech manuals. Not exactly the same but it'll keep you eating.

    Of course, the no-pay option would be to try for a position of intern.

    Have you researched any of this?

    You can do this, @adamjohnson , you want it badly enough by the sounds of it. Don't give up and try not to get discouraged. :)

    Edit - just thought of something else. Maybe get client testimonials and put them together with a bio on a simple website.
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  4. Hover

    Hover Affiliate affiliate

    Besides the portfolio often there is a test that you have to pass. Experience you can get when you will start working (writing). With the work the experience will come too.
  5. Ben@Advidi

    [email protected] Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dang, came here to answer but this is too thorough for me to beat :) only thing I would add is spec work in the area you're most interested in. Into short form? Put together a portfolio of slogans for your favorite companies (stick to what you enjoy - it'll not only come easier, it'll come out better). Direct response? Find a product you think could be sold better and try to sell it as practice.

    You portfolio should have a diverse range within the area you're hoping to work. It's better to have live examples (make PDFs though - some of your links are already dead/moved) than spec, but better to have spec than nothing.
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  6. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    That's okay, it's not a competition, lol.

    Love this idea, that's great!
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  7. Ace Reddy

    Ace Reddy Affiliate affiliate

    If you think you are a great copywriter, you should write a sales letter and sell people on hiring you to write their copy.
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  8. teardroptony9

    teardroptony9 Affiliate affiliate

    In my opinion, I think it would only depend on the kind of job or project you wish to apply for. Of course, the more experience you have the better the chance of getting hired. And apart from that, you get a higher pay as well. But the thing is, not all employers are looking for experience. I for myself have been hired as a copy writer even if I only started doing it 2 months prior. And I got hired and was able to do finish the project without having any issues with my employer whatsoever... But eventually, I decided to move on an seek out better earning opportunities through affiliate marketing...:)
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  9. jacksonprom

    jacksonprom Affiliate affiliate

    then it's not the experience, and as you just give examples of your work, and only then we will see, you will need or not
  10. TURNER1981

    TURNER1981 Affiliate affiliate

    You know I think it all depends on your lucky! You just start any deed, and go on to work and to work, and find some projects (or they find you), and go on to work. And then you begin to understand that you become better and better because you want to be. That`s my secret!
  11. Gita Shah

    Gita Shah Affiliate affiliate

    I think it would be really easy to get a job as a copywriter if you had a blog. A website just makes it easier to sell your services.
  12. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    I'm not sure it would be easy, depends on the level you want to work at. If you're willing to write for cheap, or have a reputation as a high quality writer, maybe. If you're looking to work with an agency, or charge top prices, you should have more than a blog under your belt.

    Some people lump copywriter in with content writer. They are not truly the same, I don't think. I think of copywriting as being more sales page oriented and content writing as....content - articles, posts, web content and the like. I'm not saying that's gospel but that's my perspective on it.
  13. Mansi shrivastav

    Mansi shrivastav Affiliate affiliate

    If you think you are now read for copywriter job, I think you should try for a job and write a sales letter and sell people on hiring you to write their copy then they decide you are ready or not for this copywriter job.
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  14. WinonaSilverstein

    WinonaSilverstein Affiliate affiliate

    It's not about the number of articles, it's about their quality. Also you need to decide which type of content you are interesting in? If you are an expert in bitcoins, there is no reason to work in weddings agency.