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How much do you make $$$ from Your Adsense?



ahhh...your really not supposed to disclose that information according to thier TOS...


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Oregon Coast Guy is correct. There was a time when Google had it in their Terms of Service that you could not disclose your earnings but they changed that a long time ago. It is allowed now but they don't want information given about the CTR.

Of course, even though it is allowed many people consider it personal information and aren't going to say what it is.

Oregon Coast Guy

I don't mind providing Adsense income to people who ask, because it just proves what a web site can do with Site Build It. So many "gurus" talk about all the millions they earn, but rarely are ready to provide proof (not that I make millions...yet! hehe). I don't even mind showing them how it works best on my site, as displayed in my YouTube video.

Showing them how to do it for their own site....well....that gets into mentoring and I charge for that. ;)

Showing proof to others gives me the credibility I want to build. ;)

Joseph Ratliff

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Any specifics as to what you are doing to earn $800 a month in Adsense?

I would like to double my monthly income in Adsense personally...don't focus on it too much, but heck, why not take a crack at it right?


Didn't know they changed their TOS, Larwee, thanks for the heads-up on that.

Maybe it depends on your line of earning power - -I can see if you're trying to see services helping people make money with AdSense that it would be good to disclose your earnings, but that's not my area so I'm not at all comfortable spreading that around. However, I do do free lance web design and should I ever go into that area (helping others earn with AdSense) then I would share a few months to lend to my credibility. ;)