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How long does google take to ...


My blog hasn't been indexed in a month despite repeated submissons

Any ideas on what is happening over at google?


First, without being able to see your sites, I'd probably say that you're not letting Google find you through quality backlinks.

Instead of submitting your site (which everyone pretty much agrees is useless for Google), you should focus on building the backlinks -- that *aren't* nofollowed -- to your blog. Also, avoid spam or anything that resembles spammy activity.

Believe it or not, but if a bloggers (plural) were to report you for spamming enough times, Google may actually de-list your site before it indexes your site.

Also, there may be something on the site that actually prohibits the robot from crawling it. Do you have a robots.txt file? Is it accessible? I had a problem with a site that refused to be indexed and it turns out that the robots.txt file was throwing up a 500 Internal Server error...once that was corrected, the site was indexed within 24 hours.

Without knowing the specific details of your site, there's no way to tell for certain why your site isn't indexed in Google. Just make sure that your site is in good working order, *all* the links lead to a page that's not under construction or that can be easily crawled, make sure there aren't any errors with your robots file, and make sure that you have a backlink campaign that's on the up and up.

~ Teli


Are you sure your blog isn't indexed?


site: into the google search to make sure.

You may have already done that but I just wanted to make sure because it never takes that long for any of my sites to get indexed. I just started one last week and there's no content on it yet but it's indexed.


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Place and ad on Craigslist, Digg the blogg or bookmark it and it will be indexed within 5 days. Usualy around 3 days.


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Just submit articles to different articles sites. You will not get indexed if your site does not have a link on another site. Google will never no that you exist.

Good luck.


I dont how., I submitted to 20 blog directories and posted in signature links and was indexed with 4 days. and this is true that Blogs gets indexed much faster than websites. Keep on submitting and I hope you have created sitemaps too.



Just a reminder - Pinging is essential after every update as this sends out signals to search engines' bots to go to your blog so that the new contents gets indexed in the SE's lists.


and this is true that Blogs gets indexed much faster than websites.

Hmmm...not in my neck of the woods! blog has been up for months and STILL isn't indexed and yes, I'm linked, I'm pinging, I'm updating, etc., etc., but that bugger just will not get indexed, so I guess I have to beg to differ on that comment!