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Gold How I Made Thousands With Instagrams

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by AdsandAffiliates, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. AdsandAffiliates

    AdsandAffiliates Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    How I Made Thousands With Instagram
    Written by entrepreneur Tevar from Generals & Great Minds, Influencers Reach, & Snazzy Services
    As a Instagram user one day when scrolling down my feed I noticed someone I was following reposted a page that was claiming to be the Chipotle official instagram and promised the first 5,000 followers a $25 Gift Card. I seen this a few times for some other brands before I finally looked at some of these pages and realized they were just fake pages that people were using to get followers. This gave me the idea to do the same but instead of doing it for followers I promoted CPA offers on them. Since I was too busy to test it out for myself I had a friend create one of these pages for "Target" and had him create a CPAlead account. Thats all I told him I didn't select a offer for him he just selected one of the top converting offers which was something for "winning lunch for a year". He also didn't use a landing page he just shortened the URL with bit.ly and set it as the bio URL. When he started promoting the earnings just came in and I'm talking like over $100 in the first day, this is when I started marketing on IG.

    How did I gain Followers?

    Follow people:

    The first thing I did was follow a few people on some of the accounts going around such as @blackfriday_apple. There was literally a Blackfriday account for every brand and product. The only difference between them and me is I was doing it for money. What I noticed other people were doing was renaming the account to some other name after reaching a good amount of followers to basically have 20k followers which is LAME. What i did was basically what i told my friend to do i just used my web development skills to enhance it. I created some IG accounts, I started following people, I created landing pages for every offer I was promoting and I created real HQ promo banners something probably only I was doing. I waited for the accounts followers to grow to at least 7k followers before i started promoting on them.

    Pickup dropped names:

    Since people were changing the name at a certain follower amount you were able to pick up the account once they renamed the account. Once you did that you would just be getting followers coming in from the promotion that user account had. The amount of followers you gain depends on the rate of which that account was getting followers.

    Partner with people:

    Along with creating and growing my own accounts, there was a account I seen with like 70k followers for a iPhone giveaway page. I contacted the account, I pitched to him the earning possibilities and provided proof of my earnings and I started working with kid promoting on his account. I ran all the traffic through prosper and gave him access so he can see it the clicks and earnings coming in. With this account a lot of people were tagging the account in their iphone pictures because it was the holiday time, this made it look like people were actually getting their iphone from my instagram. I also picked up another account with another large iPhone account with around 40k followers.

    Buy the accounts:

    Yes you can simple contact these account owners and try to buy the account. A lot of people are not interested in doing this and I have no idea why. Seems likes are more important than money now a days. When buying accounts on IG you have to take security measure because a person can transfer the account password and you change all the information then they can take back the account simply by clicking a link in their email saying it was not authorized.

    Making Money:

    The flow to make money was create professional banners > grow page > send followers to link in bio with another professional banner.

    How did I choose what to promote:

    I basically looked for popular brands or companies and that had a offer on one of the networks that I was working with. If there was a offer for lets say Amazon on a network i was working on I would make a IG for them and also send traffic to the Amazon offer. I promoted a variety of such offers and earned thousands doing it.

    Example Banners:


    Dont use brands logos:

    I did get in trouble for using brands logo in my banners and landing pages. This is what made me switch from brands to products such as the iPhone. My affiliate managers however just warned me and all was good.

    Promoting on the large iPhone account:

    Since this account had the most followers it was very easy to monetize. I created banners and I created a landing page then I directed the followers to it. For weeks i was doing nothing but just posting the same image which just directed them to click the link in my bio. This worked for a while until results weren't as good anymore which is when i started making changes

    What I Learned:

    Proof pics works:

    For my iPhone promo page I did update the landing page with banners, along with updating the landing page with testimonials. After doing this i did notice an increase in likes as well as leads. I bought an SSL cert for my LP domain and posted an update letting people know and this also helped with leads.

    Get people sharing:

    When I first started directing traffic to the offer i simply told them to go the the link in my bio. People were doing it and I was getting leads but my followers began dropping like flies. Im talking 70k to 50k so what I did was change up my message instead of saying “Click the link in our bio to get your iPhone” i started saying “Click the link in our bio to get your iPhone, Tag 3 friends below so they can get theirs also.” Then i added a message like “2-Day delivery in most areas” this I think made people who didn’t even believe it to just go and maybe try it out.

    Make changes:

    At first my goal was to just get all the traffic to the iPhone offer. This worked out well when I had so much volume and I was making over $1,000 a day. When volume started going down i had to find ways to improve traffic. The first thing i did was change up the landing page and gave it a fresh look twice. The next thing i did was implement a custom offer wall, I didn't just want to pass all the users to the iphone offer I wanted to give them a option. Also I noticed that some of the traffic would come back to my landing page. To monetize this I implemented a button which when clicked it showed them 4 offers and a message basically saying “Complete one action to continue. If you're not redirected try another.” These offers included joining a site, or downloading a app which was much simpler than the iphone offer for the users. This took me from having my earnings falling down to $100 a day up to $500 plus.

    Use CDN:

    Just use cloudflare and their free ssl. Improves speed, protect against prying eyes

    New graphics

    On a day when i thought i was going to end around $150 i designed and posted a new banner and my earnings went up to $400. After seeing this i regularly updated the banner some of which will be attached as well as the landing pages. Im not going put some of the newer ones since they are still being used. I got the (1) unclaimed and timer from @cashmoneyaffiliate guides so shouts to him.


    Analyzing my Data:

    Instagram is a social network available to various mobile OS. While analyzing my data for the iPhone promotion account I was surprised to see that a majority of the clicks came from Apple devices and I’m talking a significant amount. I didn’t track all clicks but from the 100,000+ clicks I did track. About 80% of the traffic was from Apple devices with about 80% being from the iPhone and the rest from iPod. Im not sure where the iPad is included in those number because my tracking software does not differentiate in those numbers.

    What I Learned from the data?

    iPhone users want a new iphone, majority of the clicks was as I said from apple devices. This is useful if I wanted to do a paid campaign.



    IG Banners:
    Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files

    Iphone LP:
    Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files
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  2. newbidder
  3. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Service Manager Coach affiliate

    Great case study mate :) thanks for the share.
  4. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

    OUTSTANDING !! Good Luck w/ your continued earning$.

  5. hamid

    hamid Affiliate affiliate

    Congratulation Dude ....
    Know I am changing my idea for Instagram .`
  6. richb4_22

    richb4_22 Affiliate affiliate

    Great Post, Is there a formula to drive traffic to your instagram accounts that you are willing to share?
  7. solstudioim

    solstudioim Affiliate affiliate

  8. Exo

    Exo Affiliate affiliate

    Amazing, so to understand it better. I can follow other accounts, get followers and then when I reach around 7k followers I will post promo banners and send traffic to my landing pages and it should work? :D Sorry I am total newbie on instagram but I would really love to take action because as I see it doesnt require a lot of money to put in and its interesting method :) Thanks for answer!
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  9. KennyNyce

    KennyNyce Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for the share
  10. Franklin Hatchett

    Franklin Hatchett Affiliate affiliate

    Great write up. Have you ever thought about doing Pay Per Install? Mate of mine has 3 accounts that he has on autopilot in a bot. He sets up 2 PPI post a day at the start of everyweek. He makes around $200-250 everytime he post the PPI. I'm now doing the same and grew 2 accounts to a total of 8k followers in 4 weeks with a bot and ill be setting up my PPI soon.

    Its pretty much 80% autopilot the rest is just tweaking.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2015
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  11. Edwin Torres

    Edwin Torres Affiliate affiliate

    WHOA! How did you make those fancy graphics? Not gonna lie, I would probably fill out one of those offers if I didn't know any better.
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  12. Exo

    Exo Affiliate affiliate

    Man could you explain me please how do you get followers? :D
  13. Franklin Hatchett

    Franklin Hatchett Affiliate affiliate

    Follow liker bot. It just automates everything because I don't have time to manually build up accounts.

    Gyazo - 3fbee101cb76ce92b1a3d9948852db51.png

    Video of the twitter version, Same concept.

    Anyhow back on topic sorry, op ill delete video if you don't want it here. Just let me know. By the way how many times a week so you pose these iPhone things etc?
  14. Exo

    Exo Affiliate affiliate

    So basically i just download some follow liker bot and then follow other people and they will follow me back? :) Do I need any content? Or could you explain me it briefly please? Oh theres a video -_- :D Sorry
  15. mateht

    mateht Affiliate affiliate

    Can someone reupload files?
  16. gundul

    gundul Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @astonishin, can you reupload banners and the landing page please :)
  17. MSI Sakib

    MSI Sakib Affiliate affiliate

    Great Method man. Are you still making money with this method?
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  18. sandipsns

    sandipsns Affiliate affiliate

    great share thanks for share
  19. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Prince.AdSenceMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Detailed explanation. Any one can easily follow to gain success.
  20. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Each and everyday, I am just happy the way I am able to learn great things on this forum concerning social media marketing. The case study I have ready above is just great. I surely sleep on lots of opportunities and the fear of not trying. I will however from today use this study to be able to see how far I can go when it comes to Instagram marketing. If it works for me, I will surely stick to it. Thanks buddy for the sharing, I candle never goes off for lighting another candle.
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  21. sandipsns

    sandipsns Affiliate affiliate

    filedropper download link is not working :(
    please update the link

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