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How I get the views and visits

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by CodeMaster67, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    See I'm a fan of paid advertising that much, I like to use real simple methods of advertising that work for me after I do them 1 time. After reading this you'll see it's not as hard as you think it is.

    "Adjusting" my sites for google,bing,yahoo etc.

    Wordpress - Since I selfhost wordpress on most of my sites I use some of the plugins like Seo Ultimate which is a plugin that allows you to optimize your pages and post for search engines and Google XML Site Maps which basically lets you create a site map for your wordpress with only a few clicks.

    Hand Code and Forum Sites- Your forums should use tag and seo plugins if your selected software has them. Now hand coded sites, as you may or may not know, should have the meta discription and keywords.

    Advertising my websites

    Sometimes I'm not good at creating a good advertisement or campaign but I do pretty well.

    -Social Networks/Social Sites- Social networks are a great way to get traffic rolling in to your website, of course you should have some followers or whatever the site calls the people who add you. Business Networks are always good to you if your site is in a business kind of niche. I've listed some sites below.

    Apsense - A businesss networking site full of people with different professions, they have a system where you can pay or use credits to advertise all over their site. I'd recommend it to advertisers & marketing experts.

    Facebook - This is mainly for communicating with family and friends, but you can still create brand pages for people to see and promote them.

    Twitter- Same thing as facebook except the brand pages part, hash tags are your best friends on twitter when your advertising, you tweet to the right tag and people maybe interested in your site.

    - Blogs/Forums- This is where you can get some quick traffic see many people are sticking around blogs and forums which proves in it's own right to be a good place to advertise. Either the blog or forum will have you pay to display your ad on their site or it'll be a free service sorta. Like before I've listed some good sites to advertise on.

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  2. Voluum
  3. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent, thoroughly written strategies! Like you, I am a monumental fan of paid solutions when it comes to advertising, especially with CPA offers or affiliate products. Squeeze pages seem to be the best way to utilize the extremely targeted traffic you get from it, but I am sure many have found ways to simply intertwine their hoplinks with redirects and such to cut right to the chase in their campaigns.

    One thing I would like to add is, due to the advent of the Penguin & Panda updates, where it may have been beneficial to hand carve Meta Keywords into the page, it does not hold as much of an effect on your search engine rankings as the better methods such as social media shares, backlinks, and practically every other on-site SEO strategy. In fact, it can lead the opposite to occur if you plug in keywords into the Metadata that are not present on content on the webpage - let alone your site. This is partially why I am not a fan of some plugins, and webmasters ought to do their research to ensure that when a plugin says it will optimize, it "optimizes" for your site and your content, not extraneous keywords and other information.
  4. leandros21

    leandros21 Affiliate affiliate

    Brilliant topic, helps a lot to build backlinks informing us for many forums and social media networks.
  5. kcareconnections

    kcareconnections Affiliate affiliate

    These are all great ways to get visitors to your website. I think, the more you customize a plan that works for you and your website, the better the outcome. This just is not always possible with paid advertising. I am not a fan of paying for advertising on the Web either.
  6. sam11

    sam11 Affiliate affiliate

    Very nice list, CodeMaster! Besides the classic Faceook and Twitter, Apsense is a really good place to advertise.

    It's always a good idea to make your own map of places to get traffic from. I'm curios to know the first 5 blogs/forums or social media sites that brings in the most traffic for you. If I were to guess, I would say Facebook, Apsense, Twitter, and 2 of those blogs/forums. Am I close?

    Also, if you could share with us how much money you spend for a month of advertising, on average, per site.
  7. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    I made a list of the forums/blog after the twitter and facebook stuff. And Apsense brings me the most traffic. I spend $20 dollars at least.