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How helpful are the SEO services in Fiverr?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Kay Huang, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Kay Huang

    Kay Huang Affiliate affiliate

    How was your experience with SEO services on Fiverr? Did you website really ranked at 1st page of Google?

    I contacted one of the most popular and recommended SEO gig in Fiverr, but he said he can't guarantee the result. And I also told him my site is a new site, so he said don't expect to get from nowhere to 1st page. I asked him again he said he can never promise the result.

    I'm not sure how effective the SEO gig is.

    What is your experience?

    And also how did you decide about what keywords your want to rank with? Do you go to Google Keyword planner and pick out the most clicked keywords?
  2. Voluum
  3. kate.dispply

    kate.dispply Affiliate affiliate

    According to my small notices, SEO gig doesn't work at all. Basically, 5-10 users won't make a positive changes and large number of traffic provided from single user can be bot traffic.
  4. iamthecoolnerd

    iamthecoolnerd Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    SEO gigs on Fiverr are garbage. Don't waste your time on them.

    For keywords, I use Google Keyword Planner and find long tail keywords with a decent amount of search volume. You don't want to just pick any high-volume keyword. You need to know if you can compete for the keyword.
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  5. John Scott

    John Scott Affiliate affiliate

    Going after search engine rankings first is kind of, well, a mistake in my humble opinion. This is coming from somebody who has been in the SEO industry since 2002, and used to run one of the larger SEO forums.

    The right thing to do, in my opinion, is lead your segment. Demonstrate leadership, and the links and the rankings will follow.
  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Most of the gigs are effective. Fiverr has very many professional people who are determined to shape your online presence. I have used the service once and I truly liked the freelancer I was working with. However, just like any other site, there are people who want to reap where they did not soar. Be careful always.
  7. Mikeyboi

    Mikeyboi Affiliate affiliate

    I remember Fiverr when it was giving out free money i.e. a 5er for people to join.

    Look, SEO doesn't cost a Fiverr. The SEO services on Fiverr are mostly backlinks from forums, directories and blogs all which are pointless and useless. Having a pointless link from a forum based in Vietnam or a link from a German sex Wix blog with OBL's of 500 when you're in the beauty niche will do more harm than good.

    I suggest you go and pick up the book,The Art of SEO, 2nd edition. Read it from front to back and then read it again and I promise you, you'll know more about SEO than 95% of the current so called SEO Affiliate marketers of today. And yes, it'll teach you about keyword research and what ones to pick and how to rank for it.
  8. John Scott

    John Scott Affiliate affiliate

    I was looking through Fivver's SEO services after reading this. Most of it looks pretty spammy and useless. Some gigs looked better quality, but you really can't expect much for $5.