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How do you sell on ebay?


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I signed up for an ebay account years ago thinking that I would sell a bunch of things from around the house ... and I never did ... I'm a pack rat. :p

Now ... I actually have an online product to sell! I still have the sellers account, but I'm not sure how to get the ball rolling. Has anyone successfully sold items on ebay and if so, how did you go about it? How much does it cost, etc.? :confused:


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Online product?


Need some clarification on the "online product". One thing keep in mind is that, ebay will not let you drive traffic to your website by putting up a listing there. You'll actually have the product (phisical or digital), so they get to earn the "success fee" (a % of your final sale amount).


For Ebay there is something that many people use and it's called dropshipping.

Now the marked for dropshipping is a jungle and many rippoffs when trying to find one that works and are 100% reliable.

These are the 3 that I found to be the best. The last one is even sponsored and recommended by Ebay which is the only one online as I remember.

Anything can be sold. However do a little research when finding out what to sell. What to look for? What is getting the bids? Then find that item and sell it cheaper than the other sellers.

I did this a few months back and made 10000$ in 1 month doing just that.

Links can be posted on the about me page which many people forget. Just post acording to Ebay's rules but it can be done.

You can read about dropshipping on the above links.