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How do you choose hosting?


What is more important to you in choosing a web hosting?
Price, quality, location or etc?
What you need to know when choose a web hosting?
1. Understand what you needs and use for from your side, make sure hosting that you choose can full fill your needs.
2. Choose the specification of hosting plan that suitable with your needs.
3. Compare the pricing between some hosting company.
4. Refer to the review of web hosting company that you wish to buy product from them.
5. Check T&C about their products, suggest prefer money back guarantee 30 day/100 day.

Nikhil sutar

According to my opinion, the important factor is price, resources, and customer support. If you're a newbie in blogging, you can go for Bluehost. It is the best hosting service I've ever known. I recommend it to everyone who asks me about hosting. Their dashboard is very simple to use. It is better than Siteground and Godaddy, as siteground limits the number of visitors according to their plan.
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I'm not sure if we're able to order them by importance .. they are all necessary for a good webhosting..
'ease of use' - 'speed' - 'security' - 'location' - 'quality'

- Samira


It depends on your needs and your budget. You could even go for a free hosting if you are just learning how to develop a website and you want to get it really online. It all depends on your need and budget, but in my way, I usually go for average plan when it comes to price, then also there are php hosting companies and there are hosting companies, and probably others so depending on the programing language you used for your website, that would also determine the type of web hosting company you will use.

It is also a good practice to go to and find out the reviews that the users give, about a hosting company, and see their rating, see if they have a support live chat, and how fast they respond, because this could be crucial to you in some situations. If they take a lot of time to respond, it might not be very helpful to your business.


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Throughput, uptime with cost and support last.
I use VPS, and have have in the past used dedicated and co-lo servers --all unmanaged servers --I am the developer and root ;)