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How do they do there magic tricks?


If you ever were to look in a top marketer?s closet do you ever wonder what you would find? I mean his business closet of course. You see, since I became an online marketer I got to see how the magic tricks were done. Let me share with you my observations.

Next time you see a marketer just think of him as an encyclopedia of tricks & techniques. Usually they are made up of only that. This is shown all over their campaigns when you look at their landing pages & promotional material. It?s all tricks & info here & there that were given to them and told it converts well. Most of the stuff isn?t even coming from them aside perhaps their profile photo.

Here?s what I?ve seen them use.


These messages are right on the border of spam just if you hadn?t signed up to their list. They then take advantage of your email for the chance to blast you with the latest best using every trick in the book to make you ?convert? into a sale. Most marketer?s consider their subscriber base as numbers and digits (I can hear them saying ?hey can you guys send that $200 promotion to list 43 and make sure the site background is blue?).

Ways to avoid? Simple. Subscribe and get off their list if every day seems like a repeat of yesterday?s super offer. The unsubscribe process is easy and they don?t sell your email to anyone. Don?t get sucked into their tricks and purchase blindly in result.

I can love my product, talk about it and want people to use it because of the difference it makes but I?m not going to send them to sales pages telling me that they only have until midnight EST tomorrow night to the price goes up.
I know this is the sense of urgency technique but there is a limit to how much it can be used and it is used too much.

So in summary choose only honest and integral marketer?s that have an interest in helping you win opposed to bank wasting perfectly good paper to print and mail you your account bills.

Some won?t catch on to these tricks in the beginning and you might probably make a reasonable amount of money but it?s just a matter of time before the people see right through you and see your objections and agenda for being in business (money being the sole priority I mean).

This is a new business approach & will continue to produce massive results.


New Member
Hi Dorian,

I fully agree with your words :)

I just would add that the magician never reveals their secrets and that's why some are "scamers" out there and only think for themselves, they just have a magic hand down in your pocket. A real and true internet marketer leader reveals his "secrets" or the tools they use to succeed and share it with you.